Apple has brought new performance and efficiency capabilities to its computers with its transition to Apple Silicon, and now that it’s introduced the second generation M2 chip, computers of the M1 generation are seeing a discount. This is true of the base model Apple Mac Mini M1 desktop computer right now, which is available for just $549 at B&H Photo. This is a savings of $150 from its regular price of $699, but it’s a bit of a trap. The Mac Mini M2 makes for a much better purchase at this point in time, as the M2 base model is just $599, and as is discussed in our Apple Mac Mini M2 buying guide.

Why you should buy the Apple Mac Mini M2 instead of the Mac Mini M1

While the Mac Mini M1 is a perfectly competent Apple desktop computer, there’s much more value in moving on and purchasing the new Apple Mac Mini M2. The base model Mac Mini M2 comes with Apple’s M2 chip, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB solid state drive. The only thing distinguishing between the base models of the Mac Mini M2 and Mac Mini M1 is that newer generation chip, which we feel is worth the additional $50, as the base model M1 model is currently discounted to $549, and the M2 model goes for $599.

The Mac Mini M2 is so impressive that it doesn’t just stack up against previous Mac Mini generations, but also against more expensive Apple computer models. In many tasks it obliterates the $6,000 Mac Pro, and with the M2 chip now going into Apple’s other lineup of computers, it’s firmly in line in terms of capability with the MacBook Air M2, as well as the iMac, which is likely to receive an M2 upgrade at some point in the future. The Mac Mini M2 is the kind of desktop that makes sense for anybody, but with the additional performance capabilities it offers over the M1, it should be a consideration for creatives and power users who want to save some money by staying away from higher end Apple computers.

While saving $150 on the Apple Mac Mini M1 sounds like a good offering by B&H Photo, it’s one that should be steered away from. It’s worth spending $50 more to land yourself a current generation Mac Mini M2, and the additional power and future-proofing that come with it. You can learn more with our Mac Mini M2 buying guide.

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