Make room for EA Play 2020. A week after Sony unveiled a bunch of games for the PS5, EA is back with its own annual event. It usually takes place alongside E3, but since the year’s biggest gaming event is cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, EA Play 2020 is going online-only. Still, there won’t be any compromise on games. New FIFA and Star Wars titles? Guaranteed. Apex Legends cross-play? Highly likely. A new Dragon Age? Maybe. A Mass Effect trilogy remaster? Rumoured.

What we do know for sure is that every new game revealed at EA Play 2020 will have support for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. It would be foolish not to, what with the next generation of consoles less than six months away from launch. We’re much less sure about the length of EA Play 2020, though. Last year, EA Play ran for over three hours. But given that it’s happening virtually, that might be not the case this time around.

Don’t worry, we’ll be here for all the important news. If you’d rather stick around yourself, here’s what you need.

EA Play 2020 start time in India

Electronic Arts’ 2020 games event kicks off at 4:30am IST on Friday, June 19. For those in the US, that’s 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT on Thursday, June 18. Use this handy converter to find out what time EA Play 2020 starts in your city.

EA Play 2020 live stream

You can watch EA Play 2020 live on the official EA website. EA has yet to reveal official live streams for YouTube or Twitch, but we’ll be sure to update when we spot them. At first glance, EA seems to have partnered with the likes of GameSpot and Engadget on YouTube.

Is there a 4K 60fps stream for EA Play 2020?

There’s no word from EA if the EA Play 2020 live stream will be available in 4K 60fps. That said, all the new EA games to be announced will run at 4K resolution on compatible platforms.

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