LG gram SuperSlim with free portable monitor deal.

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When I work at home, I use a dual display setup. My main screen has the text I’m typing away at and the second display has an assortment of goods. It can be sites I’m using as resources, product lists, or assignment details. On slower days, the left monitor could even include a bit of entertainment for when my brain overheats and needs a moment away.

In practice this means I’m staring at my leftward display just about as often as my main, right monitor. If you use a similar setup, you probably know exactly what I mean. The productivity boost is just that noticeable. You’ll also retain that elusive flow effect for even longer. If I see a juicy fact, worthy of citing, I can read and rephrase the info for my audience and copy’n’paste the link directly into my text without intensive tab hunting or screen partitioning.

The drawback to this dual-monitor setup? Lifestyle inflation. I can’t go back. A single monitor now feels like a prison. But what about a writer’s favorite place, the coffeeshop? I can’t lug my PC down to the coffeeshop. Yet working on the single screen of a laptop feels anachronistic. A drag against all modern sensibilities. Luckily, LG has a solution. When you get their LG gram SuperSlim laptop, you can also get an LG gram +view portable monitor for free for a limited time. That’s a $350 value towards your quest to update your coffeeshop working station from the stone age to modern times.

Ports and places

The LG laptop-monitor combo using USB-C thunderbolt ports to communicate info from one screen to the other. It’s a good system that transports visual info fast and effectively. It won’t introduce any flickers or screen tears and uses a deep, non-wiggly connection port that won’t be giving you any trouble, even if you happen to jostle your laptop while banging out words on the keyboard.

Furthermore, this LG combo provides for a much better selection of ports locations than is typical. Both the laptop and portable monitor have these ports on both sides of the device.

Why is this such a big deal?

My current setup is a 1-to-1 thunderbolt port setup, not ideal. I want my second monitor on the left but that’s also where the port is. As a result, I often have a thick loop of thunderbolt cable jutting out past the left side of my table. An overworked barista or bathroom-bound patron is destined to find their hand through that loop one day, my whole system crashing down with it. It legit makes me nervous.

Having more port options gives you more placement options and less chance of disaster. It’s that simple. At this point, I’m a bit jealous and wanting to upgrade. Speaking of an upgrade, lets…

Look at those stats

The LG gram +view with the LG gram SuperSlim

It’s easy to get your eyes fixated on the FREE second portable monitor, because free and all, but there is quite a bit to be said about the laptop itself. Let’s look at it in power and size!

As for power, both versions contain a 13th Gen Intel Core Processor i7. Their screens are 15.6-inch, full high-definition OLEDs that are somehow pulling a 0.2ms pixel-to-pixel response time. Essentially, there will be no noticeable flicker or transition and the human eye will have trouble distinguishing the rapidly changing pixel colors from the changing colors of our real world. Both versions of the laptop come with Bluetooth 5.1 capability, built-in stereo speakers, and come with HD audio with Dolby Atmos.

Where the two versions differ is in RAM and storage. If you’re a spreadsheet warrior, able to rely more on cloud storage and don’t need super modern affects, you’ll be more than happy with the 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD storage edition. Want to use the latest sound processing software, graphics editors, etc.? Try out the 32GB RAM and 2TB of SSD storage edition.

Lastly, let’s look at size. They’re called Slim for a reason, after all! At only .43-inches thick (about the same size as a AAA battery) you’ll be able to fit the laptop and the second monitor in the same bag with ease. Even the power adapter is made smaller. It really is a system made with the remote-worker-in-a-coffee-shop lifestyle in mind.

So, to get your LG gram SuperSlim 15.6-inch OLED laptop and your free, bonus LG gram +view second monitor for free, be sure to act now. You can follow the button below and get yours today and secure your $350 in free second monitor today!

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