HP 14 laptop with intel Celeron on desk.

Just because you want a simple laptop at an affordable price doesn’t mean you should settle for a junker. Instead, buy a nice laptop with a huge discount. For instance, this 14-inch HP laptop is pretty basic, but it has nice components that would normally make the laptop $430. Thanks to an awesome $180 discount at HP, you can grab it for only $250. That’s over 50% off. Grab it while this awesome discount lasts.

Why you should buy the HP 14z Laptop

If you need a machine to handle basic functions like doing online research and typing reports for work or school, and for watching streaming content whenever you’re taking a break, the 14-inch HP 14z Laptop is more than enough. It’s equipped with the AMD 3020e processor and AMD Radeon Graphics, plus 8GB of RAM that’s considered by our laptop buying guide as the sweet spot for most users. You shouldn’t expect the HP 14z Laptop to challenge the best laptops in terms of performance, but it’s got what it takes to help you finish your daily tasks.

Details will be sharp and clear enough on the laptop’s 14-inch HD display, which is surrounded by narrow bezels. This helps fit the screen into a relatively smaller body compared to other 14-inch laptops, making the device easier to bring with you anywhere. If you’re always on the go, the machine can keep up with you because of its long-lasting battery life, with HP’s Fast Charge technology quickly replenishing its battery whenever you find the chance to plug it in. The HP 14Z is also ready to roll as soon as you unbox it because it comes with Windows 11 Home pre-installed in its 128GB SSD.

Not all laptop deals are worth it, but this one certainly is — HP’s $180 discount that drops the price of the HP 14z Laptop to an even more affordable $250 from its sticker price of $430. We’re not sure when the offer will end, but with more work-from-home employees and students searching for a budget laptop that will meet their needs, stocks of the HP 14z may run out faster than you think.

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