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You won’t often get a chance to buy a reliable gaming desktop for less than $1,000, so if you’re planning to buy one, there’s no reason to pass on Lenovo’s offer for the sixth-generation Lenovo Legion Tower 5. The gaming PC is yours for just $900, following a 35% discount that slashes $500 off its original price of $1,400. It’s unclear how much time is left on the deal though, so you’ll have to hurry with your purchase in case it ends tonight.

Why you should buy the Lenovo Legion Tower 5 gaming PC

The sixth-generation Lenovo Legion Tower 5 gaming PC showcases that the gap in the AMD versus Intel rivalry has closed, as its AMD Ryzen 7 5800 processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card combine for performance that’s capable of smoothly running the best PC games at their highest settings. The machine also packs 16GB of RAM, which our guide on how to buy a gaming desktop says is a good baseline for modern gaming systems. With these specifications, you’ll also be prepared for the titles that are going to be released soon, but if you’ll eventually need to upgrade components to keep up with the increasing requirements of video games, you can do so easily as the chassis of the Lenovo Legion Tower 5 is accessible and spacious.

The 256GB SSD and 1TB SATA HDD of the sixth-generation Lenovo Legion Tower 5 allows Windows 11 Home to quickly boot up while also offering enough space to install all your favorite video games with all the required updates. If you’re not sure where to start, the free three-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass that comes with the gaming PC will let you try an expansive collection of titles, so you’ll never run out of games to play.

Lenovo’s $500 discount on the sixth-generation Lenovo Legion Tower 5 is one of the best gaming PC deals that you can shop right now, so you need to hurry if you want to enjoy the savings because the offer is probably drawing a lot of attention. Instead of $1,400, you’ll only have to pay $900 for this dependable gaming machine. For less than $1,000, you won’t be disappointed if you go ahead with your purchase of the sixth-generation Lenovo Legion Tower 5 gaming desktop.

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