The HP OMEN 25L with radeon displayed on its glass side.

After reviewing all of the gaming laptop deals we keep seeing, it can be easy to forget PC gaming’s roots: The gaming PC. But gaming PC’s have been there for us all along, nearly always packing more power for the dollar than their laptop equivalents. When you combine that more-for-less spirit with gaming PC deals, you can end up with something fancier than you imagined possible. Take the HP OMEN 25L, today’s deal of interest, for instance. It’s a ready to go gaming PC for only $1,050 during this sale, whereas it would usually be $1,750. That’s $700 off and a great way to start off your new gaming station.

Why you should buy the HP OMEN 25L

The HP OMEN 25L is a fairly straightforward pre-built PC tower with a modern, white aesthetic. This version is run by an AMD Ryzen 7 processor and displays using graphics from AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT. It has 512 GB of SSD storage for your games and a terabyte of HDD storage for everything else you could ever want on your computer. Fill that space up quickly with all of your favorite games using the gigabit capable Wi-Fi 6 adapter.

How does it feel to game on the HP OMEN 25L? With 16GB of RAM, the answer is a simple, “Pretty good.” You’ll be able to happily play any game of the past year and, unless something unexpected happens, enjoy nearly all of the most anticipated titles of 2023. Chat easily with your team on your headset using the included Bluetooth 5.2 card. Keep the heat in your game and out of your hardware, as the HP OMEN 25L is cooled using both a 120mm fan and and 12mm liquid cooler. Finally, the HP OMEN 25L even comes with a keyboard and mouse so you can get into your gaming right away.

So, if you’re ready for the HP OMEN 25L to enhance your gaming experience, be sure to grab one now while they are only $1,050. Again, they’re usually $1,750. Our advice on what to do with all of the money you’re going to save? Upgrade your screen with one of our selected gaming monitor deals to complete the set and return to headshot glory.

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