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Even though VPNs started out as a way to add a bit of anonymity and security when browsing the internet, they’ve blossomed into a full suite of features and added benefits, which is always a good thing for the consumer. One of the most well-known companies and best VPNs is probably NordVPN, and it offers a ton of features for some pretty great prices. For example, depending on the package, you can also get encrypted cloud storage or a password manager with its own additional functions. While these higher-end packages tend to be expensive, there are up to 65% discounts on various subscriptions as part of the end-of-year sales, plus three free months thrown in for free regardless of the package.

Why you should subscribe to NordVPN

If you’re interested in the cheapest offer available, then the best bet is to go for the 2-year Standard package that’s going for $102 instead of $224, which is 54% off the usual price. It includes the NordVPN itself, with all the additional features, such as double VPN, split tunneling, smart DNS, and a whole host of other things. There is also malware protection, which scans files and websites for malware and then blocks them, a feature that’s perfect if you’re buying this for a friend or family that isn’t tech-savvy. There is also an ad and track blocker, and while they might not be as good as specific plugins for each of those jobs, it’s still a nice addition to have, especially if, again, you’re getting this for somebody who isn’t tech-savvy.

Going a step up in subscriptions, there’s the Plus membership, which adds a cross-platform password manager, and is perfect if you don’t have one already, especially since they’ve become really useful and important these days. The Plus package also throws in a data breach scanner, which essentially scans the internet for your emails, passwords, and credit card information to see if it pops up anywhere so you know when and if you need to change things. Of course, the Plus package is a bit more expensive but not by much, running you $130 for the 2-year package, rather than the usual $286, a similar 54% discount.

Finally, there’s the Complete package, which includes everything above plus 1 TB of cloud storage; while it might not be something that everybody needs, it’s a great thing to have, especially if you deal with a lot of sensitive documents. It’s also not that much expensive, with it only costing you $25 more than the Plus package at $156 for the 2-year subscription. For that extra $25, you get both the 1TB cloud storage, and file encryption of those files, so you can know that you’re documents are secure.

Overall, whether you’re looking for a simple VPN or a whole internet security suite, NordVPN has options, and with up to 65% in discounts, it’s well worth grabbing a subscription. And, if none of that has swayed you, then check out some of these other solid VPN deals.

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