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If you’re looking around for sweet laptop deals, then you’re probably in the market for something cheap. If so, you won’t snub your nose at a slim notebook for under $200. Walmart is offering just a such a deal right now. You can grab this 15-inch Gateway Ultra Slim Notebook for $199, down from its usual $229. Walmart is reporting over 100 purchases of this notebook in the past 24 hours, so if you want it, you better act fast. As a nice bonus, if you buy it today you can get it before Christmas.

Why you should buy the 15-inch Gateway Slim Notebook

This Gateway Notebook isn’t a powerhouse, but it’s a great option for students or casual web browsers. We’d recommend it for people who primarily use web-based apps, but need basic programs like Word, Excel, Zoom and Slack, as well as some built-in storage. The Gateway Notebook comes with an Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM. That’s about the minimum possible for a laptop, but it will handle few simple programs at once without slowing down dramatically. It has 128GB of eMMC storage. eMMC is a storage method often used to keep laptop costs down, but it won’t affect your speed and load times that much.

This Gateway laptop has some surprising bonuses for such a cheap device. It has a front-facing camera that even has a built-in camera shutter. It has a Micro SD slot, BlueTooth capabilities, and weighs under four pounds. If you plan on taking it with you between school, work and home, you’ll hardly notice it in your bag; it’s less than an inch thick. If you need just a little more to sweeten the deal, you also get a full year of the Microsoft 365 suite for free. The 15.6-inch display runs at 1366 x 768 resolution, so if you want to watch 1080p movies and videos, this isn’t the device for you. But despite being ultra-slim, it still has an HDMI port, so connecting to an external monitor simple.

If you’re in the market for a barebones laptop, the 15-inch Gateway Ultra Slim Notebook is on sale for $199 at Walmart, down from its usual $229. Grab it before it sells out or the sale ends, which is bound to be soon.

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