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While many folks prefer building their own laptops, for some, it’s either too time-consuming or too advanced a task, especially if they want a mid- to high-end gaming computer with expensive components that may break with a simple mistake. That’s where pre-built computers like this one from Yeyian come in, offering you the pre-built experience without risking any parts and, luckily, Newegg has a massive sale on it, bringing it down to $1,999 from $2,999, which is a powerful discount of $1,000, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Why you should buy the Yeyian gaming desktop

One of the most important parts of a gaming desktop is its GPU, and we’re happy to tell you that you’re getting the excellent RTX 3070Ti, one of the top ten cards on the market at the moment and easily more than enough to knock most modern games out of the park, even with the highest settings. In fact, if you’re considering grabbing one of our gaming monitor deals and pairing this up with a 2k resolution, 144Hz monitor, you’ll hit the sweet spot for the RTX 3070 Ti when it comes to graphics and performance. Alongside that, you get yourself a 12th-gen Intel i7-12700KF, which is a higher-end CPU that pairs well with the RTX 3070Ti and will let you handle most games that are CPU-intense pretty easily, such as simulation and strategy games.

Besides that, you get yourself 32GB of DDR5 RAM, which is advanced and likely more than you’ll ever need, as well as 2TB of HDD and 1TB of SSD space, so you have more than enough to work with when it comes to games and everything else. It also has an 850W 80+ Gold PSU, which is excellent and gives you room to upgrade and improve if you want to, although you won’t need it. Finally, it comes with Wi-Fi 6, so if you aren’t tethered to your router, you’ll get an excellent wireless experience for gaming.

All in all, the Yeyian gaming desktop is an excellent high-end gaming desktop that’s going for a great price, especially given all the high-end components in it and the deal from Newegg discounting it down to $1,999. Of course, if that doesn’t scratch your itch, then check out some of our other gaming PC deals that may fit the bill better.

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