Razer is introducing two new configurations to its Blade 17 series gaming laptops for 2022, as well as bumping performance on some existing units through a firmware update.

The new Razer Blade 17 models will now include options for up to Intel Core i9-12900H processors and Nvidia GeForce 3070 Ti GPUs.This hardware setup has never before been seen on the Blade 17 laptops, as Razer pointed out.

Razer Blade laptop sitting on a white countertop.

Paired with a display upgrade for the entry model, the 17.3-inch QHD display will now come with a 240Hz refresh rate instead of 165Hz. It also boasts 16GB DDR5 RAM and it will start at $3,400. The 17.3-inch UHD display features a 144Hz refresh rate and 32GB DDR5 RAM, along with a starting price of $3,800.

Several models of the 2022 laptop that were released earlier this year are also available, with the cheapest version starting at $2,700. Like other models, the latest Blade 17 sells with a two-year battery warranty.

Razer also claims the 2022 Blade 17 models running 3060 and 3080 Ti GPUs will receive a boost in total graphics power (TGP) via an upcoming firmware update. Benefits that can be expected from the update include an additional 10 watts of system performance power for each system. The Blade 17 with the RTX 3060 GPU can expect a maximum TGP of 130 watts (115 watts + 25 watts) and the Blade 17 with the 3080 Ti a maximum of 175 watts (150 watts + 25 watts).

Models newer than these are set to release with increased TGP from production.

In addition to the Blade 17, Razer has also been showcasing its Blade 15 and Blade 14 laptops throughout the year. The Blade 15 is somewhat similar to the Blade 17 with many display options and a power focus. The Blade 14 has a thin and light ultrabook design with AMD processor options, in addition to Intel.

Razer is also offering a limited-time deal, giving those who buy a Razer Blade 17 or Razer Blade 15 with a 12th-gen Intel processor a free 6-month subscription to the Vegas Post 365 video production bundle or 40% off a one-year subscription. The deal is available until July 31.

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