Price: ₹ 19,990.00 - ₹ 10,950.00
(as of Jul 29,2021 02:31:23 UTC – Details)

Solidgears Digitek Dual-Axis Mechanical Stabilizer DST-002, provides smooth, stable handheld footage for cameras weighing up to 5KGS. It utilizes dual Gimbal handles that help isolate your camera from unwanted bumps & shakes while providing enhanced Camera Movement control. Additionally, Unlike other stabilizers which keep the camera level at all times, the stabilizer lets you adjust the tilt of the camera using your thumbs. Easily Tilt the Camera UP or DOWN while operating, letting you capturing Low Angle & High Angle shots, or even mimic the effect of Jib or Crane-Style shots. Unlike many other stabilizing systems, the Dual-Axis Mechanical Stabilizer doesn’t require any counterweights, motors or batteries for balancing. Instead, it uses the weight of your camera for stability, reducing the overall weight of the system. The reduced weight & Having two handgrips also allows you to change directions quickly and smoothly, as well as reduce operator fatigue common to single-handed stabilizers. Multi Operator capability – The twin-style grips on the Orbit give film makers of all levels the ability to easily pass the rig from one operator to the next without upsetting the fluidity of the shot.

Gimbal Weight : 1.7kg, Largest Height : 19 cm
No Battery Dependability, Professionals prefers manual gimbal for more control & creativity


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