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With a neutral density filter (ND), you can take your camera out even when the sun is at its highest point. An ND filter limits the amount of light entering your lens, giving your device a chance to process more details without getting overwhelmed with light. We’ve researched the leading ND brands on the market and came up with this list to help you decide.

ND filters are either fixed or variable. Attach a fixed filter onto your lens and let it work its magic, though you’ll need to carry different ones depending on your desired effect. Variable filters are built with a movable outer ring you can rotate as your light source changes. These adjustable filters are convenient but might deliver irregular results for beginners.

The number following ND indicates how much light enters the camera. For starters, an ND2 filter halves the light coming into your device. Take a look at our lineup to see which might work for you.

K&F Concept Neutral Density Filter

Best Overall

The K&F Concept filter is ranked the best overall variable filter for 37mm lenses. It’s adjustable from ND2 to about ND400, making this ideal for an extremely wide range of shooting conditions. This filter is crafted with professional-grade optical glasses in lieu of traditional optical resin and comes with a Japanese microfiber cloth for wiping filters, camera lenses, and other glass surfaces.

Gobe NDX Neutral Density Filter

Best for Landscape Photography

Gobe’s 37mm variable filter is a versatile choice that’s especially right for landscape images and videos. The Japanese optical lens is finished with eight layers of nano-coating to preserve real-life colors, reduce overexposure, and prevent ghosting. This filter is not compatible with wide-angle or telephotography lenses.

Tiffen Variable Neutral Density Filter

Best Durability

Tiffen’s variable ND filter offers the best durability to support you through rigorous outdoor conditions like high altitudes and dusty winds. This filter is appropriate for both film and digital cameras to highlight different depth of fields in vast landscapes. Made with premium color core optical glass, it brings out light-balanced photographs for 52mm lenses.

A neutral density filter (ND) blocks out light while preserving natural color to deliver flare-free, light-balanced photographs. Especially useful for landscape photography and videography, ND filters enable greater control over your camera’s built-in settings. With any of the ND filters on our list, you’ll discover that this photography tool might be just what you need to capture compelling images.

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