Dell’s XPS laptops are some of the best you can buy. From premium features like slim and modern designs to beautiful bright screens, it is hard to find a laptop like an XPS for cheap. But now is a good time to get one for yourself and save big during Prime Day.

In fact, Bargain hunters always look forward to Prime Day deals for discounts on tech products, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops, and this year’s lineup of offers doesn’t disappoint. However, since we’re in the final stretch of the final day of Prime Day, it’s probably best to act fast before all the XPS deals are gone.

If you’re planning to buy a new laptop, you have an overwhelming abundance of options, but it’s highly recommended that you consider Dell XPS laptops because of their powerful performance and influential designs. Dell is one of the premier names in the computer industry, and its XPS laptops continue to raise the bar, often leaving its competitors scrambling to catch up.

If you’d like to look at alternatives to Prime Day Dell XPS sales, check out this year’s Prime Day laptop deals, which include offers for machines from other brands such as HP, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer. There are also discounts for more specific kinds of laptops, including Prime Day gaming laptop deals for gamers, Prime Day MacBook deals for Apple enthusiasts, and Prime Day Chromebook deals for fans of Google’s Chrome OS. After buying a laptop, you can also enjoy savings on accessories through Prime Day printer deals, Prime Day external hard drive deals, Prime Day wireless mouse deals, and for gamers, Prime Day Razer deals. Meanwhile, if you have space at home and you don’t really need the portability that a laptop provides, you might consider taking a look at Prime Day PC deals instead. Dell XPS laptops, however, are among the best of their kind, so even if you’re originally planning to buy a PC for Prime Day, you may get swayed into purchasing a laptop instead after seeing what Dell XPS machines can do.

Best Prime Day Dell XPS deals

Dell XPS laptops are among the best in their class, so if you’re looking to buy a new laptop, you shouldn’t ignore the Prime Day Dell XPS deals that are available right now. You can’t go wrong with a Dell XPS laptop, as these machines will be able to keep up with all your daily activities. Whether you’re a professional working from home or a student attending online classes, a Dell XPS laptop won’t let you down. You won’t have to worry about slowdowns and crashes, so all you’ll need to focus on are the tasks in front of you. With powerful specifications that will be able to run the latest productivity apps with no issues, and with helpful features that will make things much easier for you, you’ll appreciate the convenience that you’ll get from owning a Dell XPS laptop.

Dell XPS laptops are very popular because of the rave reviews that they have received, which means that there will be a lot of shoppers who will be looking forward to Prime Day Dell XPS sales. While you shouldn’t rush decisions on which product to buy, especially on relatively huge investments such as laptops, you must finalize purchases for Dell XPS laptops as soon as you can during Prime Day. This is because there’s no telling when stocks of the laptops will run out, and you don’t want to be spending so much time on figuring out which model to get only to be heartbroken that there are no more units of the laptop remaining from Amazon. When you see a Dell XPS deal that you like on the second day of Prime Day, grab the chance as soon as you can. To help you out, we’ve gathered some of the best Dell XPS offers for Prime Day, so you don’t have to browse several pages at once.

Should you buy a new Dell XPS on Prime Day?

Your laptop may have once met your personal requirements, with quick loading times and support for the latest software, but if it’s slowing down to a crawl and is no longer able to run apps properly, then it’s likely time for you to get a new laptop. Fortunately, with Prime Day Dell XPS deals, you can save hundreds of dollars on some of the best laptops that are currently on the market. It’s very frustrating to use a laptop that’s always crashing or one that takes several minutes to load anything. You can say goodbye to these issues by buying a new Dell XPS laptop, which will not only help you complete your tasks in record time, but also help you look good while doing them. There are other laptops that you can buy, but the Dell XPS will always be a solid option, for any purpose that you would want it to serve.

There are Dell XPS laptop deals throughout the year, some from retailers like Amazon and some from Dell itself. This means that there will likely be discounts for the laptops on other occasions, including Black Friday. However, it’s unclear how much lower the prices of Dell XPS laptops will go in the future, whether from Amazon or from other sources. There’s no sense in waiting for bigger savings when you need to upgrade your laptop now, especially when you can no longer take using a slow machine for several more weeks or months. You should take a look at the available Prime Day XPS sales now, choose the model that’s perfect for you, and push through with the purchase as soon as possible while stocks are still available. Once you start working on your new Dell XPS laptop, you’ll wonder how you’ve lasted for so long on a subpar machine.

How to choose a Dell XPS on Prime Day

There are three models of Dell XPS laptops that are available, namely the Dell XPS 13, Dell XPS 15, and Dell XPS 17. Their numbers correspond to the size of their screens, which actually look larger because of the very thin bezels surrounding them. The larger display size means a bigger body, which likewise results in a heavier weight. This is something to consider if you’ll always be carrying the laptop around or bringing it along during your daily commute. The Dell XPS 13 is Digital Trends’ top choice among the best laptops, while the Dell XPS 17 is tagged as the best for video editing. You should still browse the features that these laptops offer though, so you’re sure of what you’re going to get if you purchase them.

Your decision doesn’t end with choosing the Dell XPS model that you want though. You have the option to select the processor, RAM, graphics card, and storage that’s included in the laptop. The general rule is that you should go for the latest processor and highest RAM that your budget can afford, as these determine the speed of your laptop. If you’re planning to work on multimedia content or play video games, you’ll also have to choose the best graphics card within your budget.

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