AMD’s CES 2022 keynote is tomorrow, but the company has already confirmed its name and some key features ahead of the event.

However, the CTA (Consumer Tech Association) will be announcing its CES 2022 Innovation Awards, and the new Ryzen 6000 mobile processors have been named an honoree.

Dr. Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, on a stage revealing Ryzen news.

That does confirm that these Ryzen 6000 processors will be a primary discussion point in tomorrow’s keynote. The name itself isn’t too surprising, but given AMD’s history of skipping numbers, we could never be 100% sure what the next-gen CPUs would be called.

More than that, the award includes the confirmation of a number of key features of these new chips. First off, they will include RDNA2 integrated graphics. This is the same architecture that powers the graphics in the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, and Radeon 6000 graphics cards.

We also received confirmation of the chip’s use of DDR5 memory. The move from DDR4 to DDR5 memory is crucial for AMD, as it was one of the key benefits of Intel’s latest 12th-gen Alder Lake chips, which debuted the technology in 2021. It should be noted that DDR5 has also been expensive and hard to find in the months since Alder Lake was launched.

Lastly, the award confirmed “A.I.-audio processing and Microsoft Pluton processor features.”

Of course, features and specs of AMD’s new processors have been highly rumored for months now, though it’s still good to see some of these key features confirmed by AMD itself.

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