People have been complaining for years that Apple should just merge its mobile and desktop operating systems, and they might finally see their wish come true — sort of. That’s because a new rumor claims Apple is working on bringing macOS to the M2 iPad Pro, but it could be nothing more than a tall tale.

The rumor comes from leaker Majin Bu on Twitter, who claims their sources have told them Apple is working on a “smaller” version of macOS that would be exclusively for the M2 iPad Pro, which Apple has only just released.

According with my source Apple would be testing a smaller version of macOS exclusively for the new iPad Pro M2!
"Mendocino" should be the codename for macOS 14. A simplified version should be planned for the M2.

— Majin Bu (@MajinBuOfficial) October 20, 2022

By “smaller,” the leaker means that this version of macOS would be “simplified” for the iPad. Ironically, one of the ways that could happen is by making the user interface around 25% larger, according to Majin Bu. That would make buttons designed for a mouse easier to press with a finger.

The leaker added that having macOS on the iPad Pro could explain why popular video-editing app DaVinci Resolve announced today that it is coming to the iPad. Previously, DaVinci Resolve was only available on the Mac, not on the iPad.

What’s more, macOS apparently will not be coming to the M1 iPad Pro, or any other iPads for that matter. It will be an exclusive for the high-end M2 iPad Pro, according to Majin Bu.

Reasons for doubt

ipad pro 2021

As for the timing, macOS for the iPad Pro would likely be released around this time next year. Majin Bu claims macOS 14 is codenamed Mendocino, and that the iPad Pro version will be based on this. Given Apple usually releases its Mac operating systems in the fall (macOS Ventura is just days away) and macOS 14 is due out next year, this is likely the earliest we could see this Frankenstein macOS-iPad crossover.

However, there are many reasons to doubt the veracity of this leak. For one thing, it hasn’t been that long since Apple spun out iPadOS from iOS, giving the iPad its own operating system designed specifically for tablet needs. Unsurprisingly, macOS is made for a completely different device that is used in very different ways. Why try to repurpose macOS for the iPad when iPadOS already exists?

As well as that, iPadOS 16 — which hasn’t even launched yet — features Stage Manager, which seems to be an attempt from Apple to make the iPad’s operating system more “desktop-like.” It feels strange for the company to put so much development time into Stage Manager — and other Mac-like features such as mouse and keyboard support — only for it all to be replaced by macOS so soon.

Still, it’s one for the pile of iPad Pro rumors. We’d be thoroughly surprised if it ever came to pass, but never say never.

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