Amazon has officially launched their Memorial Day sales, and that includes some impressive discounts on nearly every product in the Apple suite. Computers, smartwatches, headphones, accessories — if you crave Apple, this is your chance to get some for cheap. You should definitely check out the sale for yourself, but we’ve picked out some of our favorite deals below. There may be some discounts that surprise you.

What to buy in the Apple Memorial Day Sale at Amazon

All of the staple Apple products are getting nice Memorial Day discounts. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your devices to the current generation or fill some gaps in your Apple suite, Memorial Day Apple deals are a great option. The standout deal right now is the , which has a $100 discount, bringing the price down to $500. Pair that with an Apple Pencil for cheap, since both generations of the stylus are on sale. We recommend the because it currently has a deal that brings it down to $85 from $129. That’s actually cheaper than the , which is $89, down from $99.

It’s a great time to finally get a MacBook. The best deal on a new MacBook is the $199 discount off the , which brings the price to $800. If you don’t mind buying used, Amazon cut the price of a by over $2,000.

If you already have an iPad, iPhone and MacBook, the final touches you need to complete your full Apple suite are an Apple Watch and AirPods. The has the best deal right now, although we wish it was a bit more jaw-dropping. It’s down to $329 from $399. You do get to pick your poison when it comes to AirPods deals. Standard are down to $99, while are down to $200. Even the got a nice discount.

One surprise deal that you may not even know you were interested in is the decent price cut on Apple AirTags. A has been discounted to just $87 from its usual $99. These GPS devices are a great way to keep track of things we lose every day, like our keys and wallet. We’ve also seen success stories with people tracking down stolen cars and lost dogs. If you’ve never seriously considered buying them, this Memorial Day Apple sale is a great time.

There are a ton of great deals to shop in Amazon’s Apple Memorial Day Sale. We recommend just browsing the full sale before you decide on something. Besides all of the bangers we’ve mentioned above, there might be some surprises that fit your unique Apple desires.

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