PC gaming peripherals aren’t exactly known for ergonomics and for those long playing sessions, that can be an issue. Japanese tech company Bauhutte has launched a desktop hand massager for gamers, allowing you to gain better circulation, massage sore hands and tendons, and relax.

Aptly called the Hand Massager, the Bauhutte MSG-01H-BK model is a desktop accessory with a short and broad opening for you to insert your entire hand into.

Bauhutte made a hand massager to keep gamers' fingers nimble and agile.

Once powered on, you can opt for anything ranging from a Shiatsu massage for your hand to a mode that stretches and kneads your fingers for what is described as a massage that replicates the feeling of another person’s touch on your fingers and palms. The device uses 15 heated air cushions to replicate the feeling of an actual massage.

While the device is targeted at gamers, it will also work well in offices and home offices, especially for remote and hybrid workers as an addition to a good ergonomic desk setup. The company recommends that you use the hand massager before gaming sessions, during breaks, or any time you need to give your hands a rest. An optional hand warmer mode can also relax stiff fingers.

The idea may seem like a novel luxury in the states, but it isn’t entirely unheard of among competitive gamers, according to Kotaku. Esports gamers often use hand warmers to help prevent hand injuries during long gaming sessions. Non-gamers who are at their desks typing for long periods on a keyboard can benefit from the Bauhutte MSG-01H-BK. The Hand Massager comes with varying settings to adjust intensity levels in addition to the different massage modes.

Currently, the MSG-01H-BK seems limited to Japan at this time, but there are similar contraptions that you can buy on Amazon and Ali Express, all of which boast similar features to the MSG-01H-BK. And while the MSG-01H-BK retails for $150 in Japan, the competing models on these digital storefronts range in price from $60 to $160.

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