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If you’ve run out of room on your gaming PC for the next best PC games or you’re a student who needs to transport assignments from your personal computer to a lab computer, now is the time to buy a large external hard drive for cheap. Black Friday deals are officially upon us, and a lot of these expensive devices are getting significant discounts. We’ve pulled our favorite deals out, and we’re spotlighting a particularly good offer from Best Buy. Some of these deals are on storage from the best external hard drives. Check them out before Black Friday is over.

Best external hard drive Black Friday deal

WD Easystore 14TB USB 3.0 external hard drive — $200, was $310

The WD Easystore USB 3.0 external hard drive alongside a monitor and keyboard on a desk.

The WD Easystore is a popular external hard drive, as it offers lots of different sizes at incredibly modest price points. This WD Easystore comes in at a whopping 14TB of storage space. This is plenty for nearly everyone, and it will accommodate even the busiest of video editors, content creators, and photographers. It has a slim design that’s made to stand on any desktop, and it’s compatible with both Mac and PC. It has an easy to use auto backup feature that lets you set hourly, daily, or monthly backup schedule and makes it easy to back up high-capacity files from your computer.

If there’s a drawback to the WD Easystore it’s the USB 3.0 interface. While this will still offer incredibly fast transfer speeds, it may not be the best solution for editing 4K video directly off of the external hard drive. If a consistent, blazing fast connection is one of your needs, you may be best going with USB-C connectivity or an SSD. But if you just need a ton of additional storage space, the 14TB WD Easystore is one of the most affordable options available.

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More external hard drive Black Friday deals

And if the WD Easystore 14TB external hard drive is more space than you need or otherwise doesn’t suit your needs, not to worry. There are a lot of external hard drives seeing Black Friday deals. You’ll find external hard drives with USB-C connectivity among them, as well as smaller, less expensive drives that are made to suit the professional on the go. There are also several portable SSDs seeing some good Black Friday discounts. If you’re looking for a storage solution for your PS5, we recommend PS5 SSD Black Friday deals over an external hard drive.

  • WD Easystore 2TB USB 3.0 external hard drive —

  • WD My Passport 1TB USB-C portable SSD —

  • LaCie Mobile 2TB USB-C external hard drive —

  • SanDisk Extreme 2TB USB-C portable SSD —

  • LaCie Rugged 5TB USB-C external hard drive —

  • WD Black 8TB USB-C portable hard drive —

  • Crucial X9 Pro 4TB USB-C SSD —

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