If you have been waiting to take advantage of the best gaming chair deals, wait no longer. Retailers started offering their Black Friday deals super early this year. Amazon also just announced its honoring refunds and returns until January 2022, for anything bought during the holiday sales. Other retailers are doing the same, like Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee. If you buy now and the price drops even lower later, you can return the item and get the better price! So, keep your head on a swivel and watch for some of the best deals, or just browse the ones that are already available! We have you covered below, as we’ll answer some of the burning questions about this early Black Friday event, and we’ll share our top picks for the best deals that are live right now!

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Why you should shop Black Friday gaming chair deals today

If you wait until closer to the holidays or even the official Black Friday date in November there’s a good chance any items you want will be out of stock. You may even encounter shipping delays, meaning your gifts and purchases won’t arrive in time for the holidays. It happened last year, it’s probably going to happen again this year, especially for items that are high in demand. We recommend shopping now, while all of the Black Friday deals are available early, to get a jumpstart. You’ll also be way ahead of the crowds, soon to start shopping for the holidays.

There are a ton of places to find Black Friday gaming chair deals, but some of the best include Amazon Black Friday deals, Walmart Black Friday deals, and Best Buy Black Friday deals! If you’re a My Best Buy rewards member you can use accrued points to grab e-gift certificates for even better deals, too — it’s 250 points per $5!

Black Friday gaming chair deals you can shop today

Want to jump right in and see all the Black Friday gaming chair deals that are available right now? No problem, we rounded up all of the best ones for you below.

Comfort meets style in this Staples gaming chair. It features plush cushions along with a padded headrest for relaxed seating. The flip-up adjustable arms mean you can easily get in and out of it.


AKRacing’s Masters Series Max is a gaming chair that’s designed for big and tall gamers. It comes with an extra-wide frame and a wide, flat seat, with a 400-pound weight rating.


AKRacing’s Arctica gaming chair offers customized positioning and reliable support to keep you comfortable while you play games. The levers to adjust the seat height and backrest are easy to reach.


This ergonomic gaming chair is designed for posture-perfect hardcore gaming, with an adjustable ergonomic lumbar support system and durable multilayered synthetic leather.


Arozzi’s line of luxury chairs continues with the Primo, which features the brand’s signature ergonomic design with an adjustable internal lumbar support and soft, breathable fabric.


This gaming chair can recline with a retractable footrest and a 360-degree rotating base. The thick sponge provides extreme comfort, whether you’re gaming or working.


This gaming chair offers multiple adjustable positions so you can sit or recline in the angle you want. It can then be folded for easy storage, with a sturdy design and a durable steel frame.


Rock back with this rocking gaming chair from Respawn, featuring padded armrests, a high back with segmented padding and extra head and neck cushioning, and built-in lumbar support.


This gaming chair features a tension-control knob to adjust the back angle, and a five-star base with nylon casters for easy movement. It has a capacity of 330 pounds, with an up to 55-degree recline.


Best Black Friday gaming chair deals we saw last year

Like avid gamers, gaming chairs range from beginner and intermediate to expert and pro. Last year, Black Friday was during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when most home entertainment products and accessories were in super-high demand. Games, game consoles, gaming desktops, and laptops were often hard to find, including all gaming-centric accessories. There were plenty of gaming chair Black Friday deals to be had during Black Friday 2020, but not for some of the most popular, super-specialized, and most expensive chairs.

We did see plenty of Black Friday gaming chair deals though, from GTRacing, AKRacing, Vitesse, Respawn, Homali, X Rocker, OFM ESS, and many more brands. The deals ranged from a low 10% off to 60% off. For example, Amazon sold the Corsair WW T1 Gaming Chair Racing Design chair, originally $850, for about $300 during Black Friday. However, the premier Razer Iskur Gaming Chair didn’t budge from its $500 list price during Black Friday.

The popular AKRacing Master series gaming chair with a wide flat seat and a 400-pound weight limit was on sale for 14% off, listed at $430 instead of its usual $500 price during Black Friday 2020.

In some cases, gaming chair Black Friday deals shifted prices last year. The Respawn RSP-100 Racing Style Gaming Chair, which previously sold for about $185, spiked at $250 in July 2020 when the shortage of gaming chairs was most dramatic, but it sold for $166 during Black Friday.

Last year’s market demand — which peaked during the summer of 2020 — was intense, but then demand began to ease a bit as production picked up as factories opened selectively and merchants were able to start rebuilding inventories.

Should you buy a gaming chair during these early Black Friday deals?

Our advice this year regarding the timing of Black Friday gaming chair deals is the same as in past years: When you see a good deal on a chair you like, grab it. If you’re considering waiting for Cyber Monday for even lower pricing than for gaming chair Black Friday deals, we get it. We like chasing the best bargains ourselves. However, most merchants have taken a similar stance on pricing and no matter how good the Black Friday deal is, the same pricing holds right through Cyber Monday. There are exceptions, but not enough to justify taking a chance of losing out.

While price changes are a possibility, however remote, inventory sellouts are certain. Every year some of the most popular products sell out. Even Amazon with its massive buying and deep inventories sells out of key products each year. The first sign is to look carefully at shipping dates to catch when, instead of the usual one or two-day shipping, Amazon estimates shipping at a week or more. When the shipping date estimate begins to slide even later — and we’ve seen products in November with an estimated April shipping date — the deal you waited for is pretty much moot.

So don’t wait. And even during the early Black Friday sales, such as Amazon’s extremely early start Black Friday Worthy Deals that started in early October, if you see a price that works well for you, take it.

To be sure, we’re not suggesting that you buy a product that’s low on your priority list just because of a great early price when that purchase might lessen your chances of buying higher priority items later. Otherwise, however, when you see a good deal, don’t hesitate. As long as it’s from a reputable brand and you’ve done your research, there’s no reason to hold back on a good Black Friday gaming chair deal.

Black Friday gaming chair deals FAQ

Shopping for gaming chair Black Friday deals can be fun, but it can also be fraught with frustration if the right deals don’t show up. Researching ahead of time to identify two or three awesome choices heightens your chances of a successful hunt for a Black Friday gaming chair deal. See below for answers to common questions about Black Friday.

How much are gaming chairs on Black Friday?

As mentioned above, Black Friday gaming chair deals range from about $75 to upwards of $1000. If you play for extended periods of time on a regular basis, you shouldn’t count on a sub-$100 gaming chair Black Friday deal lasting all that long — or, it may last but you may not be satisfied.

Many of the highest-rated gaming chairs have $250 to $500 list prices. If you target that range you may be able to find an awesome gaming chair Black Friday deal from $150 to $300 that could last for several years. There are many deals available right now too, so you won’t have to wait long to upgrade your chair, and we wouldn’t recommend doing so anyway!

Pricing depends on many factors, the least of which is appearance, so don’t be fooled. If your objective is to find a chair that is comfortable, supportive, durable, and easy to adjust, focus on those attributes. Many people want leather or leather PVC instead of fabric or mesh-covered chairs, and that’s a subjective factor that’s influenced not only by your personal style preference but also the temperature of your gaming station, humidity, and other environmental issues. If you eat, drink, and inevitably spill during extended play, it helps to find out ahead of time how easy it is to clean up the chair material.

Should you wait until Cyber Monday to buy a gaming chair?

The answer to this question isn’t as obvious as some others. If you don’t have a dire need for a new gaming chair, we still suggest at least checking out the Black Friday gaming chair deals that are available now. You’ll save the most money and have the greatest choice among many candidates if you don’t wait. Plus, there’s no telling how stock will last on most of these items, or how long shipping will take the closer it gets to the holidays!

On the other hand, and this argument gets weaker as every day passes between now and Black Friday, if you don’t have an acceptable, functional gaming chair and you’re an avid amateur, a team member, or even a semi-pro player, you cannot wait. There are always deals on gaming chairs. The Black Friday gaming chair deals offer the lowest prices of the year, but is it worth saving an extra $10 to $50 or whatever (insert your number here) to wait nearly two months for a chair?

Amazon’s early 2021 Black Friday move in October almost makes the question unnecessary. Amazon says it will feature new Holiday Epic Deals every day in October and November leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So the cards are on the table, and it’s almost as if Black Friday has already started. The largest selection of deals and likely the very best prices, unless the merchants declare otherwise, will be on Black Friday, November 26. But until then, Amazon, soon to be joined by most other major retailers, will feature a wide range of deals in many hot product categories. Since gaming chair Black Friday deals are among the hottest interests for many shoppers, you can bet there will be loads of awesome gaming chair Black Friday deals available before Black Friday actually hits.

Who has the Best Black Friday gaming chair deals?

This year you have more strong choices of places to shop for gaming chair Black Friday deals than ever before. You could keep life simple and only check Amazon for its wide selection of gaming chair deals. However, and this is especially true if you are looking for any of a specific shortlist of chairs, we suggest you shop around. Amazon’s massive inventory depth, multi-point distribution networks, and shipping prices all factor in the company’s popularity for many product categories. If you shop the larger online merchants mentioned in the next paragraph you’ll also be dealing with known entities. Be careful if you venture too widely in search of the ultimate Black Friday gaming chair deal. You may indeed find a great price on the chair you want, but run into uncomfortable delivery hassles and costs — and delayed shipping. Amazon continues to grow because it makes the shopping experience easy.

A shortlist of online merchants to shop for the best Black Friday gaming chair deals includes Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. We also suggest you check out Newegg. In each case, these retailers have specific Black Friday gaming chair deals filters so you can save time. Another website we recommend you check out is Wayfair. Wayfair is known for its near-infinite inventory of furniture selections, but the choices go far beyond sectional and bedroom suites. Wayfair sells gaming chairs by Respawn, GTRacing, Homall, Inbox Zero, Dowinx, Epic Racing, and many more.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

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