Looking to expand your mobile work setup? If your laptop’s display isn’t giving you the room you need to spread out and multitask, then you need a portable monitor like the LG Gram +view. Now’s a fine time to upgrade your setup, too. For a limited time, LG is offering you a free +view portable monitor — a $350 value — with the purchase of select LG Gram laptop models. This promo is only available for a few weeks, though, so don’t drag your feet.

A woman using the LG Gram +view portable monitor with a laptop.

Laptops are great, but there’s no denying that their convenience and portability come at a cost, perhaps the biggest of which is that you’re stuck with a single screen that’s relatively small compared to traditional desktop PC displays. That’s the price we pay for having a battery-powered computer that can fold in half and fit into a backpack or shoulder bag. It’s no surprise, then, that portable monitors like the LG Gram +view have become very popular of late, as they make it easy to expand your laptop into a dual-monitor work setup and greatly enhance your productivity and multitasking capabilities.

The LG Gram +view portable monitor features a crisp and color-accurate IPS panel that measures 16 inches diagonally, making it a little larger than the more common 14- and 15-inch portable monitors on the market. Despite that, it’s easy to slip into your bag next to your laptop, as it weighs only 1.48 pounds. Along with superior color accuracy, that IPS screen offers better viewing angles than common TN and VA panels along with a nice anti-glare finish that makes it easy to find the right position for the monitor without having to constantly adjust and fiddle with it while you work.

The monitor also offers a nice 16:10 aspect ratio with a Quad HD+ resolution of 2560 x 1600, giving you some more vertical screen real estate and superior image clarity to standard 1080p 16:9 panels. It connects to your laptop via USB-C for both its power source and video signal, so you don’t have multiple cables to deal with, and you can prop it up with the included folio cover in either landscape or portrait mode. It pairs perfectly with LG Gram laptops, which themselves rank among the best ultrabooks you can buy today.

From Monday, June 6 through Sunday, June 19 (or while supplies last), you’ll get a free LG Gram +view portable monitor with the purchase of select LG Gram laptop models. The Gram +view portable monitor is a $350 value, so this is a great deal if you’re in need of a new computer and also want to enjoy the productivity-enhancing utility of a second display.

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