Targus, a company that produces laptop cases and various accessories for mobile computing, is launching several new products as part of CES 2022.

The new releases include an eco-friendly smart backpack, a fingerprint-enabled laptop docking station, and a variety of antimicrobial accessories to make computing safer.

Targus antibacterial light over a keyboard.
Image credit: Targus

Targus has aimed to combine sustainability, safety, and ease of use with its new range of products. This is especially seen in the new Cypress Hero Backpack which was made from 26 recycled plastic water bottles. Although made to minimize the carbon footprint left on the planet, the new Targus laptop backpack sports some interesting modern tech solutions.

The Cypress Hero backpack is a CES 2022 Innovation Awards honoree. It comes with a built-in Apple Find My technology, meaning it has a location tracker that lets the user find it through the Find My Tech app if it ever gets lost. Similarly, if the owner of the backpack loses their iPhone, all they need to do is press a button in order to be informed of the phone’s location through an audio ping. When low on battery, the backpack can be recharged via a USB cable.

Targus is also releasing several other smart mobile computing backpacks, including an extra-large backpack, a rolling backpack, and a roller duffel. There will also be new iPad cases to choose from. All of these products are made from recycled materials.

Recognizing the need for extra protection from harmful bacteria, Targus is also releasing a range of products made specifically to improve computing safety. The new products include antimicrobial laptop backpacks, shoulder bags, and protective sleeves. The surface of these containers was infused with an antimicrobial technology that, according to Targus, eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful microorganisms. Targus is also offering a UV-C LED disinfection light that can be used with various peripherals to increase the safety of use.

The new Targus EcoSmart rolling backpack.

In addition to the above, the company has announced new docking stations and accessories built to enhance productivity. The star of the lineup is undoubtedly the DOCK720, a 4K quad dock that comes with a built-in fingerprint scanner. The dock is said to be capable of supporting 8K resolution on a single display or up to 4K on four displays.

Targus is also expanding its portfolio by releasing a monitor-and-dock combo referred to as the Docking Monitor. This combines a 24-inch LED display with a laptop docking station and comes with a single power adapter that serves all the connected devices.

Lastly, Targus is releasing a new DEFCON series of cable locks that can be used across multiple devices. The lock is said to fit most mobile computing accessories, including docking stations, as well as laptops and monitors that have a lock slot built-in.

The new range of products is going to be released throughout the year, with some of them hitting the shelves right away. Targus will be offering all of them on its own website.

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