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If you’ve been looking through our list of best laptop brands, you may be somewhat familiar with the XPS series from Dell since they’re very thin and surprisingly well-specced and at the same level as the Macbook Pros. Well, if you’ve wanted to pick one up, you’re in luck, because there’s a great Labor Day sale from Dell on the Dell XPS 13, bringing it down to $950 from $1,450, a pretty substantial discount.

Why you should buy the Dell XPS 13

While the Dell XPS 13 is probably the lightest in terms of both weight and specs in the XPS lineup, it’s still surprisingly powerful with its 11th-gen Intel i5-1135G7. A mid-to-high-tier CPU should see you easily handling most productivity tasks, although it may struggle with the heavier lifting of editing software. It also doesn’t have a GPU except for the integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics, which will let you get away with some casual games, which is good enough if you’re not planning on doing a lot of gaming on your laptop anyway. You also get 8GB of RAM, which is what we’d expect for the price range, and likely more than enough for most people, especially if you aren’t always running several apps and browser tabs open.

Besides the internal specs, the next biggest seller is the 13.3-inch UHD touchscreen which is not only gorgeous; it’s also really nice to use. The whole thing is surprisingly light, too, coming in at around 2.7 pounds, and with a total height of 0.62 inches, it’s almost paper thin, making it a great companion for those constantly on the go and needing something portable. Luckily, you get 512GB of storage capacity, so you won’t likely have to grab one of our external hard drive deals to supplement the internal storage, keeping your carry weight and number of electronics to a minimum.

Overall, the Dell XPS 13 is a great portable laptop that’s great for both academic and business use, and with the deal from Dell bringing it down to $950, it becomes surprisingly affordable. That said, if you’d like to see more options, check out some other great Labor Day laptop sales, as well as some general Labor Day sales.

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