Dell Vostro 16 5620 on marble table.

You should have separate laptops for business and pleasure. There are security, organization and utility reasons for this, but the biggest one is that business laptops are more powerful than personal laptops. If you need one, here’s one of the best Dell laptop deals that you can shop right now — a 45% discount on the Dell Vostro 3520, which brings its price from Dell down to just $729 from its original price of $1,313. That’s $584 in savings, which you won’t often see with business laptops, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of the offer.

Why you should buy the Dell Vostro 3520

Are you getting frustrated from crashes that have caused you to lose your work, and slowdowns that have made you spend too much time on what should be a quick task? You won’t be suffering through these issues with the Dell Vostro 3520. With its 12th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics, and 16GB of RAM that’s recommended for laptops by our guide on how much RAM do you need, the laptop will have no trouble keeping up with you. The Dell Vostro 3520 also comes with a 512GB SSD, which should provide more than enough space for your software and files, and Windows 11 Pro pre-installed, so you can start setting up the laptop as soon as it powers on.

The Dell Vostro 3520 is equipped with a 15.6-inch screen with Full HD resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate, which is not only ideal for working on all kinds of projects, but it also lets the laptop serve as an ample entertainment device for watching streaming content during your downtime. While you’re on the clock, the narrow borders surrounding the display minimizes distractions, Dell’s ComfortView technology reduces harmful blue light emissions to protect your eyes, and the lift hinge raises the keyboard for a more comfortable typing angle.

If you’re working from home, your laptop will play a huge part in determining your daily productivity. For a major boost at an affordable price, check out the Dell Vostro 3520. The laptop’s available from Dell for just $729, following a 45% discount that slashes $584 off its sticker price of $1,313. Like all laptop deals, this offer won’t last forever, so buy it now if you think you’ll greatly benefit from upgrading to the Dell Vostro 3520.

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