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If you’ve been looking for cheap Chromebook deals, you’ll appreciate what HP has to offer at the moment. Normally priced at $260, you can buy an 11-inch HP Chromebook 11a for $160 saving you $100 off the regular price. Already pretty cheap, it’s just dropped to the kind of price that makes it ideal for your child’s first laptop or for a Chromebook that you simply need to use once in a while. Interested? Keep reading while we tell you more about it.

Why you should buy the HP Chromebook 11a

HP is one of the best laptop brands and that quality transfers to Chromebooks. Well-designed, the HP Chromebook 11a is basic but functional and good-looking. There’s a MediaTek processor along with 4GB of memory and 32GB of eMMC storage. It’s less powerful than the best Chromebooks but it still does the basics as long as you don’t mind storing all your files on the cloud. After all, that’s the point of Chromebooks so it’s a reasonable compromise to make on a cheap system.

An 11.6-inch HD screen is big enough to see what you’re doing without taking up too much space. There’s also a standard keyboard that feels good under your fingertips. 1.5mm key travel helps here so this is an ideal alternative if you hate feeling constricted to typing up documents on your phone or tablet. Of course, Chrome OS works well when it comes to security and convenience with a long battery life further helping here. It’s all the essentials you need to help your child start out or even for yourself if you just need a temporary solution. An HP True Vision 720p webcam rounds things off well, allowing you to take video calls on the move and actually offering similar quality to some of the best budget laptops you can buy.

Normally priced at $260, the HP Chromebook 11a is down to $160 when you buy direct from HP. A saving of $100 makes it worth considering if you just need a basic Chromebook for working while on the move. Buy it now while the deal is still around. It’s likely to end soon.

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