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ElecGear has just released a powerful M.2 2280 SSD cooler that can lower the temperatures of high-end SSDs by up to 25 degrees Celsius.

The cooler is rather flexible in terms of compatibility due to its adjustable design.

The ElecGear M.2 SSD cooler.

The new ElecGear aftermarket cooler presents an affordable solution for keeping a high-end SSD stable even during demanding workloads. It was first discovered by Twitter user @momomo_us, who shared some information about the component.

This cooler features a height- and angle-adjustable 6mm heat pipe, two aluminum heat sinks, a backplate, and a 30mm high-pressure fan. The fan can spin at a speed of up to 9300 RPM and produces an airflow of 3.16 cubic feet per minute. The heat pipe is connected directly to the M.2 2280 SSD, allowing it to absorb heat and then transfer it to the upper and lower heat sink.

The heat sinks are cooled by the pulse width modulation-controlled 30mm high-pressure fan. While 9300 RPM is impressive for a fan this small, ElecGear doesn’t mention noise levels — it’s possible that the fan can get a little loud. On the other hand, a fan this size shouldn’t produce more noise than most other components found inside a high-end gaming PC.

The unit connects to the motherboard fan control socket, and ElecGear promises that it should fit most PCs thanks to its 4-pin 2510 connector design. However, it’s definitely one of the largest SSD coolers on the market, measuring at 3.15 x 1.32 x .2.05 inches. It simply won’t fit inside every gaming rig, so before purchasing, make sure that it can fit yours — it was manufactured with 80mm SSDs in mind. The ability to adjust the height and the angle, combined with a 145-degree rotation range, definitely improves the compatibility of this otherwise bulky cooler.

The design of the ElecGear M.2 SSD cooler.

ElecGear promises considerable temperature drops when using this cooler, ranging from 12 degeres to 25 degrees Celsius. If these numbers check out, the stability and performance of some of the best SSDs on the market may be vastly improved.

The manufacturer also ships the cooler with some extras, adding in a pack of thermal paste, eight thermal pads for memory chips, and one thermal pad for the back of the SSD.

SSD coolers may still seem like a novelty, but the truth is that the SSDs found in high-end gaming rigs definitely benefit from some extra cooling. These powerful drives run at a risk of overheating when subjected to high loads. Adding a cooler may improve temperatures and thus increase stability, although not every desktop can spare the space required to install one.

As we are seeing the rise of the PCIe 5.0 standard, we may start experiencing even higher drive temperatures, increasing the popularity of SSD coolers. This ElecGear cooler is already available on Amazon, priced at $28.

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