Whether you’re gaming on a desktop or you’re doing so from a laptop — and taking your entire system with you wherever you are — power and visual fidelity are key. A laptop will sacrifice a bit of power for its portability, but you still want enough to enjoy the latest titles without turning all the settings down. At a desktop, you want to be able to push that power to its limits, which means getting a high-performance monitor that can give you exactly the kind of immersive experience you’re looking for. Personally, I want to be able to have the same performance and visual fidelity regardless of where I’m gaming. If I move from my desktop to my laptop, I want a comparable experience. GIGABYTE is here to give that to us with two of its standout products. Better yet, both of GIGABYTE’s offerings are on sale for Black Friday, so you can take advantage of a fantastic price.

GIGABYTE M28U 28-inch 144Hz gaming monitor — $444, was $600

The Gigabyte 28-inch M28U 4K monitor with a colorful screen.

You have a powerful desktop — or maybe you’re planning to get one — but in order to take advantage of it, you’ll need a comparable monitor. GIGABYTE’s M28U is a gorgeous 28-inch IPS display capable of 4K (3840 by 2160) at 144Hz, with a 2ms response time. First, that refresh rate is rare with a true 4K monitor. Usually, you only get that with 1080p HD resolutions. Second, that response time is also incredible, and together they mean smoother frames with the highest resolution possible. It also features smooth gameplay with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro compatibility, studio-grade visuals with HDR400, and a 94% DCI-P3 color gamut for more realistic colors. With the built-in KVM switch, you can easily connect the monitor, mouse, and keyboard to multiple devices and swap between them with the flick of a button. GIGABYTE’s Classic Tactical features and auto-update support are onboard, as well. Let’s not forget that it has anti-glare and flicker-free protection, too. With the Black Friday price, this monitor is one hell of a deal. Jump in while you can.

One of the coolest things about this monitor is that it’s relatively lightweight and portable-friendly. So, even if you have a laptop, you can easily grab it and go for some LAN party goodness. Or, if you’re heading to a local cafe or library and want to bring your whole setup, that’s not out of the question.

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GIGABYTE G5 KF 15.6-inch gaming laptop — $800, was $1,099

Gigabyte G5 Kf gaming laptop with 15.6 144hz screen product image.

Smaller than previous generation models, the G5 KF gaming laptop is packed with enough power to punch. Alongside the 15.6-inch full HD (1080p) cutting-edge display, with 144Hz refresh rate for super smooth and fluid motion, it’s powered by a 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12650H processor with 4.5GHz clock speeds. For graphics, you get an Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 Series — RTX 4060 laptop GPU — plus 16GB of DDR5 system RAM. A 512GB solid-state drive should hold quite a few games, even with today’s larger-sized titles. Windows 11 Home, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, DTS:X Ultra audio tech, and Thunderbolt 4 round out the more prominent features. Plus, a fully backlit keyboard ensures you can see what you’re doing even at night or in the dark of a gaming dungeon. This beast will run anything on high settings or above, especially at full HD, and that refresh rate will be incredible.

It’s hard to argue with getting one of the latest 40 Series laptops at a juicy price. Let’s just say that finding Nvidia’s newest 40 series in competing laptops around this price point is going to be tough. That’s a lot of power packed into a small chassis.

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In either case, you’re getting a good amount of power, whether that’s performance from the 40 Series GPU in the G5 KF gaming laptop or the 144Hz refresh rate at 4K with the M28U monitor.

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