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When looking for a laptop that works for both general use and productivity, the HP Envy balances both well; even better, the 17-inch version gives you enough screen space to get all your work done without feeling crowded. Unfortunately, 17-inch laptops tend to be expensive, especially when they have a lot of great specifications under the hood, but luckily HP has some great HP Envy deals, including for the larger HP Envy, which you can grab for $900 — a $300 discount on the $1,200 list price it usually goes for.

Why you should buy the HP Envy 17-inch Laptop

The HP Envy has a lot going for it regarding productivity besides the larger screen size, making it an excellent daily driver, especially if you don’t need to carry it around and work from home. It has many quality-of-life features, too, such as a dedicated microphone mute button, fingerprint reader, Wi-Fi 6E, and an IPS panel, giving it great viewing angles and better image quality and reproduction. It can even hit 100% of the sRGB color gamut, making it one of the better HP laptop deals for graphics work, although keep in mind that the resolution is only Full HD. Thankfully, the monitor can hit 300 nits of peak brightness and is touch-enabled, which substantially offsets the FHD downside.

As for specifications, you get a powerful 12th-gen Intel i7-1255U and 16GB of RAM, both of which give you a smooth experience whether you’re doing productivity tasks or just using the laptop casually. Unfortunately, there isn’t a discrete GPU, so you aren’t going to be playing the latest video games, but you do get the integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics, which will allow you to get away with some casual gaming. If you want something with a bit more gaming power, you might consider the HP Pavilion lineup for the inclusion of a discrete GPU, which we cover in more detail in our comparison between the HP Envy vs. Pavilion, so that’s worth checking out if gaming is important for you.

Overall, the 17-inch version of the HP Envy is a great everyday laptop, especially if you’re getting it as a desktop replacement that isn’t going to move often, and with the $300 discount from HP bringing it down to $900, it’s become an excellent value proposition. On the other hand, if you want a few more options, there are a lot of laptop deals you can look at.

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