One of the cheaper Chromebook deals around is over at HP. Today, you can buy a HP 15-inch Chromebook for $250 saving you $80 off the regular price of $330. As a Chromebook, this won’t exactly be competing with high-end laptop deals happening but if you simply want a basic system for taking to class or using on your commute, this does the job. Here’s a look at why it could be worth purchasing.

Why you should buy the HP Chromebook 15.6

As one of the best laptop brands, HP knows how to get the most out of the portable form and some of that thinking translates to this inexpensive Chromebook. You get a basic Intel Celeron processor along with 4GB of memory and 64GB of eMMC storage. This is simple stuff that won’t even challenge most of the best Chromebooks but if you’re simply trying to get online and don’t want to rely on a tablet or phone, this will do the job.

Its 15.6-inch HD screen gives you more space to see what you’re doing while a keyboard that includes a numeric keypad feels more comfortable to use than anything touchscreen-based. If you need to enter a lot of figures, you’ll be particularly pleased to be able to tap them in fast. The HP Chromebook 15.6 also offers up a HP Wide Vision Camera for taking calls while on the move. There’s also all-day battery life so you’ll easily be able to use it throughout the day in class before still relaxing to watch some of your favorite streaming shows with it in the evening.

If you don’t need the benefits of a Windows-based laptop and you’re fine to use cloud-based apps and save your files online too, the HP Chromebook 15.6 is sure to be a winner for your needs. Usually, at this price, you’d be stuck with a smaller screen so a more standard size is ideal if you need the extra space for multitasking or simply to ease any eyestrain.

The HP Chromebook 15.6 is usually priced at $330 but right now, HP has it reduced by $80 so it’s down to $250. A bargain for anyone looking for the essentials, this deal is unlikely to stick around for long. Buy it now if it’s the right fit for your needs.

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