If you’ve recently been browsing our desktop computer deals for a computer to pick up, you may also want to pair it with a VPN service like NordVPN. In fact, if you act fast enough, you can get 68% off the cost of a subscription if you grab the two-year Complete package, which comes in at $127 for the two years, or $5.29 per month, which is a pretty great deal if you know you want a long-term VPN. Even better, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you try the service and find it’s not exactly what you’re looking for.

Why you should buy NordVPN

NordVPN running on a MacBook Pro.

At this point, most people are familiar with the benefits of VPNs and being able to access geoblocked content, but each VPN has its additional perks, and the ones from NordVPN are pretty great. For example, one of the biggest aspects of geoblocking and using VPNs is how many countries you can access it from, and for NordVPN, that’s a total of 59, plus they’re all high-speed servers, so you shouldn’t see a significant impact to your speed when using a VPN. Even better, you get to use the VPN with up to six different devices at once, so you can share it with your family to help keep them protected as well.

Speaking of protection, NordVPN also has a malware protector that helps you avoid dangerous sites and downloads, blocking access to either if it detects that there’s something fishy going on, which is great for those who aren’t that tech-savvy. There’s also ad-blocker tech baked in and anti-tracker protection for things like cookies, which is handy in a world where everything about us is tracked. Finally, if you opt for the VPN Plus or Complete package, you also get NordPass, which is Nord’s password manager, and if you go for the Complete package, you also get 1TB of encrypted cloud storage through NordLocker.

So, while the Complete package is a bit on the pricier side, it’s one of the best VPN deals you’re going to find, especially with the 68% discount on the Complete bundle. Even if you don’t go for that, the VPN Plus package has a 62% discount, and the VPN only package has a 60% discount, which are still significant. While you’re here, if you’re planning to get a VPN for a new laptop, check out some of our laptop deals.

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