The Lenovo Legion 5i Pro sitting at an angle.
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You need to buy from gaming laptop deals if you want a machine that will be able to keep up with the increasing requirements of modern video games. You don’t have to empty your savings account when purchasing one though, because there are offers like Lenovo’s 30% discount for the seventh-generation Lenovo Legion 5i Pro, which slashes its original price of $2,150 by $650, bringing it down to $1,500. If you don’t want to miss out on this bargain, and if you want to get the gaming laptop before the holidays, you need to push through with the transaction right now.

Why you should buy the Lenovo Legion 5i Pro gaming laptop

The Lenovo Legion 5i Pro is in Digital Trends’ list of the best gaming laptops as the top full-size option — if you don’t mind sacrificing portability for a machine that focuses on performance, this device is perfect for you. It’s equipped with a 16-inch screen with WQXGA resolution and a refresh rate of up to 165Hz, which makes it bulkier than the thin-and-light gaming laptops that have entered the market, but you’re also getting enough power to run the best PC games with no issues at all through its 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card. It also packs 16GB of RAM, which our guide on how much RAM do you need flags as enough for most gamers.

You can start installing your favorite games on the Lenovo Legion 5i Pro’s massive 2TB SSD as soon as it arrives because it comes pre-installed with Windows 11 Home. If you plan on playing for several hours at a time, you won’t have to worry about overheating because of the gaming laptop’s five-heat pipe layout, dedicated CPU copper heat transfer block, and Lenovo’s Legion Coldfront 4.0 thermal system that gives you control over the temperatures of your CPU and GPU.

Gamers who have been looking for laptop deals to replace an outdated gaming machine might not have to look any further than Lenovo’s offer for the seventh-generation Lenovo Legion 5i Pro. The gaming laptop’s price has been reduced by 30%, down to $1,500 from its sticker price of $2,150, for savings of $650 that you can spend on video games, gaming monitor deals, and accessories. You’ll need to hurry if you want to get it in time for the holiday season though — click that Buy Now button to secure your own Lenovo Legion 5i Pro gaming laptop.

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