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Microsoft has dropped a number of new products this morning, including some gear tailored made for the work-from-home life. The headline product is the Surface Headphones 2+ For Business, a productivity-focused version of the vanilla Surface Headphones 2.

The main difference? Well, these are “Certified for Microsoft Teams,” thanks to a number of videoconferencing-specific features. The Surface Headphones 2+ uses a USB dongle for a “rock-solid connection,” as Microsoft states. It also comes with a dedicated Teams button and synchronized call controls.

You can also connect using Bluetooth, making the Surface Headphones 2+ also more compatible with devices like smartphones.

Other than that, the Surface Headphones 2+ For Business are identical to the standard version. They include the same headphone earcup design, which includes its intuitive dial control, 13 levels of active noise cancellation, 15 hours of voice calling battery life, and a matte black finish.

The Surface Headphones 2+ For Business are now available for purchase at $300, which is $50 more than the standard Surface Headphones 2.

Microsoft Modern USB-C Headset, Wireless Headset, and USB-C Speaker

Microsoft announced a number of non-Surface audio products in the “Modern” line of Microsoft products. The line now includes two headsets (one wired, one wireless) and a USB-C Speaker. Again, these are all designed for a work from home scenario, solving the problem of taking Teams calls from your home office.

Like the Surface Headphones 2+, the Modern USB Headset and Modern Wireless Headset are simple on-ear headsets for taking calls. The design takes slight inspiration from the Surface Headphones, such as in the padded earcups and rotating dial on the outside of the earcups. Obviously, the Modern USB Headset requires a USB connection, while the Modern Wireless Headset works over a USB dongle or Bluetooth.

These two headsets are also “Certified for Microsoft Teams,” with the on-ear controls and dedicated Teams buttons.

Last up is the Modern USB-C Speaker, a small speaker that’s meant for clear videoconferencing, especially with more than one person. It looks like a Bluetooth speaker, the only difference being that this one has two omnidirectional, background noise-reducing microphones. Microsoft says this “captures your voice better than your PC alone.”

Microsoft also says the USB-C Speaker also has “voice optimization” and is good enough for a five feet conference room. Like the other products, the Modern USB-C Speaker also has a dedicated Teams button and built-in call controls.

The exterior is made of fabric and silicone, and it weighs just 0.4 pounds.

The Modern USB Headset costs $50, and Microsoft hasn’t announced pricing for the wireless version. Both will be available starting in June. Meanwhile, the Modern USB-C Speaker will also start shipping in June for $100.

To complete your work from home setup, Microsoft has also announced the Modern Webcam, a 1080p camera that costs $70, and a new Surface Laptop 4.

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