The best VPN for Mac is NordVPN.

NordVPN has one of the best VPN deals we’ve seen in a long while. Always known for value, it’s even cheaper right now with the 2-year Complete plan costing $160 for the first two years saving you $237 off the usual price of $397. Even better than the 59% saving, you also get either three months or a year of extra subscription time entirely for free thanks to NordVPN gifting all new subscribers extra time with the exceptional service. If you’re still not convinced as to why you need a VPN, read on while we take you through the three main reasons why it’s so important to sign up to the NordVPN Complete plan.

You’re more secure online with NordVPN

The beauty of any VPN is that it keeps you safer online. A VPN effectively creates a form of virtual tunnel between you and wherever you’re browsing. It means when you’re online, it looks like you’re actually based elsewhere than your true location so nefarious sources can link you with your browsing activities. NordVPN is one of the best VPNs because it adds extra features. Appreciating that sometimes you may only want some of your online time hidden, it has a split tunneling feature. Through it, you can whitelist some activities such as a game so that it bypasses the VPN while, at the same time, keeping your browsing time protected by the VPN.

NordVPN also has a highly comprehensive kill switch feature so your connection is automatically disabled if you lose sync with the VPN server. A double VPN feature keeps things extra watertight as it gives you a doubling-up effect so no one is going to be able to trace things back to you. Bundle in malware protection and a tracker and ad blocker, and NordVPN keeps you super safe from any dangers, nosy intruders, or simply irritating personalized ads that you don’t want monitoring you.

You can access content from abroad

Ever traveled abroad and found out you can’t use certain services because they’re not available in the country you’re visiting? NordVPN is the best way to circumvent this being the best VPN for Netflix and other streaming services. Simply go online via NordVPN and choose a server back home, and your connection will carry on like you never crossed the border. It’s possible to choose from VPN servers in 59 countries so wherever you call home, you’re likely to be able to head back there virtually.

This is valuable as not all Netflix or other streaming shows are available in all nations. If you’re midway through a binge-watch on your travels and the country you’ve traveled to doesn’t offer it, you could miss out otherwise. Connecting back home via NordVPN means you can carry on like nothing ever happened so you don’t miss out on what you’ve paid for.

You get extensive password protection

The best thing about signing up for NordVPN Complete rather than one of the cheaper plans is that it does far more than just offer you the benefits of a VPN. You also get a cross-platform password manager bundled in called NordPass. It’s able to sync and backup passwords across all your devices automatically. Saved on an encrypted password vault, it’s easy to access from anywhere whether that be via a browser extension or the app. By using it, you can create complex passwords that are much harder to crack, thereby giving you an extra layer of security as you browse online and use your private accounts.

Appreciating that some security leaks aren’t your fault, NordVPN Complete also adds on a data breach scanner. At all times you can check if your passwords, email addresses, or credit card details have appeared in a data breach. NordVPN also offers tailored recommendations, so it doesn’t happen again. Such services are available elsewhere but NordVPN Complete means you don’t have to worry about managing separate subscriptions.

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