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If you’ve been waiting for one of the best SSD deals to upgrade your storage capacity, we’ve found the ideal choice. Right now, you can buy the WD Black SN850 1TB Internal SSD from Best Buy for just $142, saving you a huge $128 off the usual price. It’s the perfect internal SSD for using with a PlayStation 5 thanks to its inclusion of a heatsink, but it’s also a great bet for other systems such as your laptop or desktop. Hit the buy button if you know it’s for you or read on to see why it’s such great value.

Why you should buy the WD Black SN850 1TB internal SSD

If you’re looking for one of the best SSDs, the WD Black SN850 1TB internal SSD is an excellent bet. It offers read speeds up to 7,000MB/s with up to 5,300MB/s write speeds. That means that whatever you’re loading will load faster while you also get the benefit of 1TB of storage. Given the PlayStation 5 has just under 1TB of space when you first buy it, that’s a huge upgrade. If you prefer to purchase games digitally or you regularly download games via PlayStation Plus, it’s going to make a huge difference as you won’t have to worry about uninstalling games so often. Worried about opening up your PlayStation 5? Don’t be. It only takes about 10 minutes to slot the internal SSD in and anyone with a screwdriver can do it.

Using a PCI Express 4.0 x4 interface also means the WD Black SN850 1TB internal SSD is a great choice if you’re looking to upgrade your laptop or desktop, too. Its WD_BLACK Dashboard software is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 so you can easily monitor the health of your drive as well as optimize performance using its gaming mode. It even offers fully customizable RGB lighting that is controlled through the dashboard so you can get it looking like the rest of your system.

Incredibly simple to install however you plan on using it, the WD Black SN850 1TB internal SSD is easily one of the best NMVe SSDs you can buy. With reliable real-world performance and solid sequential speeds, it’s ideal for gamers of all types.

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