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Monitor deals typically focus on the traditional types of monitors. However, if you need a portable monitor, Dell has a great offer on at the moment. Usually priced at $360, you can buy a Dell 14-inch portable monitor for $270 so you’re saving $90. It’s well-suited for anyone that needs to be productive on the move without being limited to working at a desk or relying on a laptop screen by itself. If this sounds like you, keep reading while we tell you more about it.

Why you should buy the Dell 14-inch portable monitor

The best portable monitors have evolved over the years to be even more useful than before. With this Dell 14-inch portable monitor, it connects to your laptop with a USB-C cable so you don’t need to use multiple cables at once. It offers a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 with an IPS panel looking pretty great. Perhaps more importantly, unlikely the best monitors, it’s ultralight and ultrathin so you can easily take it with you as part of your technological arsenal. It weighs less than a pound and a half it’s less than a quarter-inch thick.

There’s also the advantage of it being efficiently plug and play with its single cable providing both picture and power. The cable is easy to carry too and fits into any bag without any bother. A versatile design with the USB-C port on each side means you can set up the monitor to the left, right, or behind your laptop, while there’s power pass through too. With a continuous tilt stand that bends from 10 to 90 degrees, there’s lots of flexibility here while Dell ComfortView protects your eyes from strain caused by blue light emissions. There’s also Dell Display Manager for helping you organize your windows better with an Easy Arrange Memory feature to remember where you left off.

Including everything you need right down to a protective carry sleeve, the Dell 14-inch portable monitor is usually priced at $360. For a limited time only, you can save $90 and pay $270 when you buy direct from Dell. Check it out now if you’re in need of a portable solution.

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