Tomorrow, Amazon is launching its Prime Early Access Sale, bringing another round of Prime Day deals aimed at early holiday shoppers (or anybody else looking for a bargain). Although this is a new and unique event that stands apart from Amazon’s summer event, the Prime Early Access Sale is essentially a second Prime Day, and works in much the same way: It runs for two days — starting tomorrow, October 11, and ending on October 12 — and is exclusive to Amazon Prime members. If you’re a MacOS user in need of a new laptop, then there are sure to be some Prime Early Access MacBook deals on tap tomorrow, and we’ve got everything you need to know below. We’ve even included some early deals you can shop now if you don’t want to wait a minute longer.

Get a Prime Free Trial to Shop the Prime Early Access MacBook Deals

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Like Prime Day, the Prime Early Access Sale is exclusive to Prime members. That means you’ll need an Amazon Prime membership in order to shop the October Prime Day MacBook deals tomorrow. Amazon Prime currently costs $15 per month or $139 per year, with the annual membership saving you $41 per year over the monthly subscription. Prime gives you a laundry list of benefits including free two-day shipping on items sold and fulfilled by Amazon, tons of free shows and movies on Prime Video, streaming with Amazon Music, free games and more with Prime gaming, free Kindle e-books and rentals, and — of course — access to exclusive discounts during events like Prime Day and the Prime Early Access Sale.

Today’s Best Prime Early Access MacBook Deals

Apple MacBook Air (M1) — $850, was $999

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The MacBook Air M1 is the ideal system for those looking for the most portable MacOS solution without missing out on muscle. It sports Apple’s M1 processor which means you get an 8-core CPU that delivers performance up to 3.5 times faster than the previous generation, all while using far less power. While this isn’t a system for gaming, it will more than ably power through any work task imaginable. It’s perfect for juggling windows, image editing, and most anything else you could think of doing while on the move. 8GB of unified memory certainly helps out here, backing up that beefy CPU to allow you to multitask and move responsively through MacOS quickly.

Alongside that, the Apple MacBook Air M1 simply looks beautiful. That’s thanks to its stunning 13.3-inch Retina display. Colors are incredibly vibrant with the panel boasting a crisp 2560 x 1600 resolution. Pictures, videos, and text are sharper and clearer than you’ll see on other laptops in this price bracket. The 2020 MacBook Air is a real game-changer and it’s a great way of getting the most out of MacOS, no matter what you’re doing. That MI CPU is pretty amazing and punches well above its weight.

The Apple MacBook Air M1 is intelligently engineered elsewhere, too. It has a fanless design yet it always stays cool while being completely silent thanks to the thermal efficiency of the M1 CPU. On top of that, you get the benefits of an incredible 18 hours of battery life so you won’t need to recharge it too often, which is a boon when you’re on the move. Portability is everything here, too, and the Apple MacBook Air M1 is suitably lightweight so you can easily bring it to work or class. Designed for maximum efficiency in every way, the Apple MacBook Air M1 is a delight to use, whether you’re relaxing with some videos or working hard.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 (M1) — $950, was $1,300

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The Apple MacBook Pro 13 is a superb high-end device as you would expect from the Pro line. It offers everything you could possibly need from a MacBook, exuding power, style, great performance, and an incredibly delightful display. If you’re looking for might be the perfect investment in a MacBook, this is the laptop for you. At its heart is the Apple-designed M1 chip which was specifically engineered with MacOS in mind. The performance is truly something to behold, and there’s no Mac quite like ones packing the M1 chip. It offers an eight-core processor that delivers noticeably faster performance than last-gen CPUs, and features with an 10-core integrated GPU for up to five times faster graphics. Simply put, it’s super fast.

That’s helped further by the inclusion of 8GB of unified memory and 256GB of solid-state storage. It’s all been designed to cope admirably with anything you throw at it, from video editing and browsing the internet to even some light gaming thanks to the CPU’s graphical processing juice. An active cooling system helps ensure that overheating is a thing of the past, too. Its screen is a delight as well, with the 13.3-inch 2560 x 1600 Retina display providing you with 500 nits of brightness so you get to enjoy vibrant colors and incredible image detail every time.

There’s also a front-facing FaceTime HD camera which is more than good enough for video calls and conferences. Efficient with its 18-hour battery life and sheer processing power, the Apple MacBook Pro 13 is a dream come true for long-time MacOS fans. If you’re looking for one of the most powerful MacBooks available right now, this is the one to buy.

Should You Shop These Prime Day MacBook Deals or Wait Until Tomorrow?

If you see any early Prime Day MacBook deals on a model you want that’s at your price target, feel free to buy it — if you see it cheaper during the Prime Early Access Sale, you can always cancel your first order and put in another one at the better price. Really, though, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you’re probably better off waiting for the Early Access Sale to begin. It officially kicks off at midnight PT on October 11, so you don’t have to wait very long. This is likely when you’ll see the best Prime Early Access Apple deals.

You’re probably aware that the next big sale to happen after this one is Black Friday in late November. You might also be wondering if you’re better off waiting for the Black Friday MacBook deals instead. However, we don’t really recommend waiting for those, either. Prime Day laptop deals and Prime Day Apple deals are typically just as good as what you’ll see when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around, and the Prime Early Access Sale is almost certainly not going to be an exception. If you have Amazon Prime (or can take advantage of that free Prime trial mentioned above), don’t hesitate to dive into the Prime Early Access laptop deals. Treat this event as an opportunity to get a head-start on your holiday shopping, as well as an extra chance to shop for any deals you had on your Black Friday shopping list.

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