Photographers rejoiced when Polaroid brought back the square instant print with its digital printers, but Canon is bringing a new format to its latest round of digital instant cameras — and it’s one photographers haven’t asked for. The Canon Ivy Cliq+ 2 and Ivy Cliq 2 can now print circular stickers as well as the 2 x 3-inch prints of the previous generation.

The precut sticker papers print two circular pictures to a sheet, using the same Zink technology as the regular prints. Zink uses embedded ink crystals instead of cartridges, which means you only have to load and buy the specialty paper. The Canon Mini Print App offers new settings to choose from the circular sticker sheets or the rectangular print.


The Canon Ivy Cliq+ 2 carries much of the same features from the first generation, including an 8-megapixel camera, a ring of LED lights, and even the selfie mirror on the front. The camera still includes an SD card slot and the option to print from an SD, as well as printing from the camera or the smartphone app. The Amazon listing for the new circular sticker paper indicates that it is also compatible with the Canon Ivy Cliq+.

But the new reiteration offers a live view from the smartphone app, showing a preview of the shot before remotely snapping the photo and offering an alternative to the camera’s small built-in viewfinder. Canon says the new printer also improves on color over the earlier generation.

The Cliq 2 (without the +) has even fewer deviations from the earlier model. The update allows users to use filters and borders from the camera without using the app and comes in three new colors.

While the new cameras’ features won’t give users of the first generation much reason to upgrade, the two digital instant cameras are minor upgrades to popular instant cameras that see largely positive reviews. The update comes little more than a year after the original Cliq cameras became available — which begs the question: Do we really need a new digital instant camera every year?

The Canon Ivy Cliq+ 2 will list for $150, with the Ivy Cliq 2 selling for about $100. Both cameras are available for pre-order, with shipping starting September 23. The pre-cut circle paper sells for $12precut circle paper sells for $12 for 20 sheets, launching on the same date.

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