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It’s not often that an industry-standard gaming laptop gets a new model, but here we are with the recently released Dell G16, the successor to the G15. With a slightly larger screen, the G16 will give you an even better view of your game, and even though it’s usually quite expensive, you can pick it up directly from Dell for just $1,100, down from its regular price of $1,340.

Why you should buy the Dell G16 gaming laptop

The Dell G16 is an interesting take on an old workhorse of a laptop, with the most significant differentiator being the 16-inch screen versus the usual 15-inch one. But the new QHD screen is more than just slightly bigger; it also features 1440p resolution and the superior 16:10 aspect ratio, meaning that you get the perfect trifecta of specs to hit the sweet spot of gaming laptop screens. That said, the laptop runs on an Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti, a laptop-specific GPU, which is not all that powerful. As such, it may struggle a little bit when running most modern games at 2K and high settings, but depending on the game, you can get away with medium settings, even with the 144Hz refresh rate. That’s said, we also encourage you to grab one of several gaming monitor deals with slightly lower refresh rate or resolution if you want to play games at high settings.

As for the CPU, the G16 has powerful 12th-gen Intel i7-12700H, which gives you a little bit of extra versatility for doing productivity work as well as streaming to Twitch or YouTube. The 16GB of RAM will also help with productivity and general day-t0-day use, so you aren’t bumping against the RAM ceiling. It also has a relatively good battery life with its 56WHr three-cell battery, which should get you at least three hours of general use, which is to be expected with a screen that draws so much power. The only big downside at this point is the 512GB SSD, which isn’t too much for modern gaming, and will likely have you reaching for one of several external hard drive deals.

While this version of the G16 has a lower storage capacity and an entry-level GPU, it’s still a powerful device with a good price, especially with the $240 discount from Dell bringing it down to $1,100. Of course, if you want something with a more powerful GPU, there are a few other great gaming laptop deals you can take advantage of.

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