At the annual Amazon hardware event, router company Eero has announced two new devices for serious connectivity: the Eero PoE 6 and Eero PoE Gateway. These are not for your average Wi-Fi setup.

PoE, or power over ethernet, is a way of bringing wireless connectivity to wired infrastructures, especially made for professional installers and businesses. The Eero PoE 6 is a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 access point that covers up to 2,000 square feet of space with connectivity, including connections for more than 100 devices. Eero says it can go “almost anywhere ethernet cable can be pulled,” including being mounted flush to surfaces like walls or ceilings.

The Eero PoE 6 with the price listed.

The PoE Gateway, on the other hand, provides internet speeds up to 10Gbps using the two 10 gigabit Ethernet ports and the eight PoE 2.5 gigabit ports.

Along with the two new products, Eero is also introducing two new services to support them. Eero for Pro Installers is a set of software tools for installers to set up and manage the network remotely through the Eero app. It can transfer networks from installers to customers and comes with a five-year license that gives you the full suite of premium Eero Insight features within the app. Eero for Business is a service made to support small businesses that might not have much in the way of IT support. The hardware and software allow for multiple SSIDs for both private internal networks and public ones, or let businesses create custom portal management for guest Wi-Fi experiences and welcome screens.

“At eero, we started with a vision of bringing simple, reliable, and fast wifi to customers across the globe, and now our wifi solutions are in millions of homes around the world,” said Nick Weaver, co-founder and CEO of eero. “As we look for ways to continue to solve challenges for new types of customers, we’re thrilled to expand our offerings to professional installers and small businesses with these new PoE products and services.”

The Eero PoE Gateway installed in a cabinet.

Eero PoE 6 will come to the U.S. and Canada first in October through authorized installers, and the next year through select ISPs (internet service providers), as well as through The PoE 6 costs $300 and the PoE Gateway costs $650.

When purchased through an authorized installer, the five-year license for Eero for Pro Installers will be free with the purchase of one of the two devices, starting in October. The annual Eero for Business license, meanwhile, will cost $299 per network — and will come to the U.S. and U.K. early next year.

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