The WD Elements 14TB external hard drive beside a monitor and keyboard.

As you keep on taking photos, recording videos, and saving documents, among other file types, you’ll need an external hard drive that will safeguard all of them. The ones with large capacities don’t usually come cheap, but you can currently buy Western Digital’s WD Elements Desktop 14TB external hard drive with a $160 discount from B&H. You’ll only have to pay $220, which is nearly half the storage device’s original price of $380, in a deal that you need to shop as soon as you can as it may get taken down at any moment.

Why you need to buy the WD Elements Desktop 14TB external hard drive

Western Digital is a fixture in our list of the best external hard drives because of its reliable products, and that’s certainly one way to describe the WD Elements Desktop 14TB external hard drive. It’s built to withstand all kinds of punishment, with a drive that’s durable and shock-proof within a protective enclosure that’s also stylish. This means you don’t have to worry about losing your data when the external hard drive bangs around your bag, and there’s a high chance that your files are still there even after more stressful situations.

According to our guide on how to buy an external hard drive, most of them are formatted for a specific operating system. Western Digital’s WD Elements Desktop 14TB external hard drive is pre-formatted NTFS with compatibility for systems that are powered by Windows 10 and later, but you have the option to reformat it for Apple’s MacOS Ventura. The external hard drive works with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices, and it offers plug-and-play simplicity — just connect it to a USB port to access the extra storage space that it provides.

Everybody needs an external hard drive these days, as computers and devices never have enough storage space. With a $160 discount from B&H, Western Digital’s WD Elements Desktop 14TB external hard drive comes as a highly recommended option with its price down to just $220 from its sticker price of $380. There’s no information on when the bargain will end though, so you need to assume that you don’t have much time left to take advantage of it.

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