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Dell monitors are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of desktop monitors, but the truth is that the company does make a few good ones on a nice budget, such as this S2721H model. Even better, Dell has an impressive sale going on, bringing it down to $180 from $320, a 44% discount, and a significant amount for those who want to grab a good monitor at a reasonable price.

Why you should buy the 27-inch Dell S2721H monitor

While the S2721H isn’t built as a gaming monitor, it’s a great general-use monitor for day-to-day tasks. For starters, it has a 300-nit brightness, which is pretty good and means you’ll see the screen quite well, even in daylight or in a room with several lights, so you can set the monitor up wherever you feel like. The IPS panel also gives you wide viewing angles up to 178 degrees, so you can watch something with a friend or family member, making this screen extra versatile. It also has a good quality image, with 99% sRGB coverage. While there’s only an 81-ppi density, it’s good enough for most people not to notice, especially if you’re going to be sitting at least a few feet away from the monitor.

The resolution is FHD and can go up to 75Hz, which is good enough for many different types of gaming, especially if it’s easier and relaxing games like Stardew Valley or Car Mechanic Simulator — games that don’t necessarily work better at higher frame rates. It has a 5m response time when you choose the fast mode and an 8ms response time when using the normal mode, and while there is a 4ms extreme mode, that may impact the overall quality and function of the monitor.

Finally, you also get built-in speakers if you don’t have your own, although don’t expect the best quality out of them since they’re just 3 watts. On a positive, it does have ComfortView Plus, which is Dell’s version of blue light filtering that’s surprisingly good and doesn’t tinge the screen as badly as it does with some other competitors.

Overall, the S2721H is a great all-around monitor that will serve you pretty well, and given Dell’s discount bringing it down to $180, is a surprisingly good deal for what you’re getting. If this doesn’t fit the bill, check out some other great monitor deals, and don’t forget to look at some computer deals while you’re at it.

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