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It isn’t often you can grab two laptops bundled together for a great low price, but today that’s exactly what HP is offering. You can get two HP Envy 17-inch laptops with some pretty impressive specs for a total price of $880. Purchasing two of these together would normally cost $1,300, which makes this deal worth a savings of $420. HP is including free shipping with a purchase as well. This is a great bundle for anyone with a household that needs computers, or anyone looking for primary and backup laptops.

Why you should buy the HP Envy 17-inch laptop bundle

The HP brand has been around for a long time, and the name is almost synonymous with quality laptops. And like all of the best laptops, the HP Envy 17-inch laptop brings a speedy, responsive, and immersive computing experience to your digital life. As spec’d for this deal, it has all of the power most users could ever need, as it comes with an Intel 12-core i7 processor that’s clocked at up to 4.7GHz. It also has 16GB of system RAM and Intel Iris Xe graphics. Also included is 512GB of solid state storage, a speedy option with plenty of space for all of your software and apps.

The HP Envy series of laptops is one of a few great laptop lineups HP has to offer, and if you’re uncertain if this HP Envy 17-inch laptop is best for your needs, you can explore a little more deeply with our HP Envy vs. Pavilion and HP Envy vs. HP Spectre comparisons. But in the HP Envy 17-inch laptop you’re getting one of the larger laptop options out there, as it boasts a 17-inch high definition display, which is great for doing creative work, binge watching on the weekends, or multitasking across apps while you work. Closing out the top features of the HP Envy 17-inch laptop are a fingerprint reader for security and a stellar webcam for remote workers or anyone wanting to keep up with friends and family.

For only $880 you can take home two of these HP Envy 17-inch laptops. They would regularly cost $1,300, which makes this bundle worth a savings of $420, and HP is including free shipping with a purchase.

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