Dell Latitude 9330 front angled view showing display and keyboard deck.
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Professionals, entrepreneurs, and even content creators can get in on today’s Cyber Monday deals, as the Dell Cyber Monday deals include a discount on one of its business laptops. Today you can get the Dell Latitude 7320 for just $799, which is a massive savings of more than $1,500 from its regular price of $2,362. This laptop is well spec’d and has what you need to get through the workday. Free shipping is included with your purchase.

Why you should buy the Dell Latitude 7320 business laptop

Dell Latitude 9330 tent view showing display and hinge.
Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

The Dell Latitude 7320 laptop makes some impressive competition for the best laptops. It brings a lot of power to your workflow with an 11th-gen Intel i5 quad-core processor and 16GB of RAM, and the Integrated Intel Iris graphics make everything that turns up on your screen snappy and sharp. It’s also stylish and incredibly portable. The 13.3-inch screen stretches almost edge to edge and keeps the computer small enough to take anywhere easily. The Latitude 7320 even sees improved performance and battery life through its unique cooling system that maximizes airflow. This keeps the processor from throttling and the battery from draining quickly.

Some features of the Dell Latitude 7320 that you won’t often find on other laptops include Express Sign-In, which allows you to get to work fast with a proximity sensor that detects your presence and instantly wakes up the computer and logs you in. It also locks when you walk away so your work will stay private. Intelligent Audio enhances the audio quality and reduces background noises, which makes the Latitude 7320 a good alternative to the best laptops for videoconferencing, especially when you consider this Intelligent Audio feature is combined with a Full HD webcam that includes IR technology. Dell makes several high-quality laptops, and you can compare the Dell XPS and Dell Latitude and Dell Latitude and Inspiron if you feel the Latitude 7320 might not be what you need.

With a savings of more than $1,500, the Dell Latitude 7320 is one of the best Cyber Monday laptop deals available. You can grab it for just $799 today from Dell, where it would normally cost you $2,362. Free shipping is included with your purchase.

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