If you want to invest in a machine that will let you experience the wonders of modern PC gaming while on the go, you’ll want to take advantage of this $300 discount for the Dell G16 gaming laptop. From $1,400, you can get it for $1,100 from Dell — it’s still not cheap, but rest assured that it’s worth every single penny. We’re not sure how long this offer will remain available though, so you’ll have to complete your purchase as soon as possible if you don’t want to miss one of the most interesting gaming laptop deals in the market right now.

Why you should buy the Dell G16 gaming laptop

The Dell G16 gaming laptop — with its 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, and 16GB of RAM — takes aim at the best gaming laptops with powerful performance at a relatively affordable price. Gaming laptops should be able to run the hottest titles, according to our laptop buying guide, and that’s certainly not an issue with this machine. In fact, you’ll also be ready for the upcoming games this year if you’ve got the Dell G16 gaming laptop, and you won’t have to worry about overheating if you find yourself hooked because of its thermal design that’s inspired by Dell’s Alienware brand.

The 16-inch QHD+ screen of the Dell G16 gaming laptop promises sharp details and lifelike colors so that you can better appreciate the graphics of today’s video games, but because of the narrow bezels surrounding the display, the device is only as large as a 15-inch laptop, which improves its portability. You’ll be able to install several AAA titles with all their necessary updates on the gaming laptop’s 1TB SSD, which also comes with Windows 11 Home pre-loaded so that it’s ready to roll right after unboxing.

Gamers looking at laptop deals should set their sights on the Dell G16 gaming laptop, as it’s built to meet your needs. It’s currently available from Dell at $300 off, so you’ll only have to pay $1,100 to have the device delivered to your doorstep instead of $1,400. There’s no time to think about this because the offer may disappear at any moment, so push through with your purchase of the Dell G16 gaming laptop as fast as you can.

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