Dell Vostro 16 5620 sits open on marble table.

While it may not be immediately obvious when browsing through laptop deals, business laptops are some of the best laptops for student use. For example, take the Dell Vostro 5620, which has great specs and right now a great discount from Dell, bringing it down to $929 from $1,684, a huge $755 discount that makes this a versatile laptop for students, even though it may be a little bit pricey.

Right off the bat, one of the nicest things about the Vostro 5620 is that it has a big Full HD 16-inch screen for you to work with so that you can have a few tabs and apps open on the screen at the same time, making life much easier when needing to study different texts when writing. Brightness on the screen can hit a peak of 250 nits, which isn’t the highest, but should be more than enough to compete with lights and shaded daylight so that you can use it in a lot of different places. And with its 4.21-pound weight, it’s not too heavy to carry around, so you only need to contend with the size.   There’s also a great 1080p webcam for group meetings or remote studying, which is a big plus, and altogether makes this an excellent Dell laptop deal.

As for under the hood, you get a powerful 12th-gen Intel i7-1260P, which should easily rip through most productivity tasks, and while there’s no discrete GPU, you do get Intel’s Iris Xe Graphics, which will let you get away with some casual gaming and light editing work. Dell also gives you a ton of RAM at 16GB, meaning you won’t be running out of it any time soon, and with the 512GB of solid-state drive storage, you shouldn’t be bumping up against its limits either. You’ll also be happy to know that the Vostro 5620 runs Windows 11 Pro and comes with Wi-Fi 6, so it’s pretty future-proof in terms of both OS and connectivity.

All in all, the Vostro 5620 may be slightly on the more expensive side, even with Dell’s discount bringing it down to $929 from $1,684, although given the specs and size, it’s certainly worth it. Even so, if you’d like to check out something a little different, we have a great list of some of the best student laptop deals around.

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