A Dell XPS Desktop next to a monitor being used for editing purposes.

Dell consistently has some of the best desktop computer deals and that’s easily noticed when you check out the offer on this Dell XPS Desktop right now. Normally priced at $1,000, it’s currently available for $850 so you save $150 off the regular price. If you’re looking to upgrade your home office setup for less, all while still getting an elegant-looking tower to place in the room, you’ll be happy with this. Either hit the buy button straight away or read on while we tell you more about this time-limited deal.

Why you should buy the Dell XPS Desktop

Dell makes some of the best desktop computers around with this Dell XPS focusing on being perfect for content creators. It has a speedy 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor along with 16GB of memory and 512GB of SSD storage. The memory can be upgraded at a later date with support for up to 128GB, but it’s at a good starting point for most users. There’s no dedicated graphics card here but if you simply need a machine for non-gaming content creation that packs a punch, you’ll be happy here.

The new Dell XPS Desktop has a larger chassis than before meaning it’s simpler to upgrade while still taking up less room than you would expect. Thanks to the larger build, it’s better designed for thermal efficiency and runs cooler than earlier models. An open layout makes it cooler but it also makes it simpler for you to upgrade components if you need to. You won’t need to when starting out but those who like to get more hands-on will appreciate the option further down the line. Nine USB ports and an integrated card reader are great for hooking up accessories and lend themselves to those who conduct photo editing work at home. With a set of toolless backplane slots and room for up to four storage devices, this is a system made for the future as well as right now. All you need to do today is remember to add one of the best monitors to get the best out of it.

Normally priced at $1,000, the Dell XPS Desktop is down to $850 for a limited time only at Dell. You only have hours left to make up your mind so if this sounds like the right setup for your home, hit the buy button now to enjoy the sweet $150 saving.

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