Even if you aren’t looking for a useful camera with an active lifestyle, GoPro deals are highly sought after because of how great and versatile the GoPro is. While you can often find a few deals here and there, this bundle from Best Buy featuring a GoPro Hero 10 Black throws in a bunch of extras to help you get started, and is a great bundle if this is your first GoPro and you don’t have any gear. Even better, Best Buy has it discounted to $450 from $550, so you save $100 in the process.

Why you should buy the GoPro Hero 10 Black action camera bundle

A GoPro HERO10 Black Action Camera Bundle with camera, a Mini Extension Pole and Tripod, Magnetic Swivel Clip, spare battery, and case.

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is a great next step in the GoPro series. With 5.3K 60-frames-per-second video capture and 2.7K 240 fps slow motion, it’s a great companion for pretty much any activity, although it’s especially suited for more sporty and active activities. It stabilizes better than the previous iteration, although it somewhat degrades in low-light applications, which is a shame. It also has a shorter battery life, although, with the automatic cloud storage integration, that’s not too bad of an issue.

As for the action pack, it includes a lot of great stuff, starting with two additional batteries that will massively help mitigate the battery problem mentioned above, so that’s already a good start. You also get a Shorty tripod and extension pole, which can also work as a handheld selfie stick to use in static and dynamic environments. There’s also a magnetic swivel clip for easily hooking up your GoPro to a bag, bike, or something similar, which means you don’t necessarily need to buy a specific strap or mounting harness. Finally, all of this comes with a nice carrying case to keep everything organized and safe from the elements, which in and of itself is a great addition to the whole deal.

Overall, this GoPro Hero 10 bundle is targeted at GoPro camera beginners since it includes all the basics you’d likely buy once you start using it regularly, so the $100 discount from Best Buy bringing this bundle down to $450 from $550 makes it even easier for folks to get into owning and regularly using a GoPro. Of course, if you prefer something a little bit different or the GoPro doesn’t fit your needs, check out some other camera deals to see if they work better!

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