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This year’s Black Friday deals have seen some impressive discounts on laptops. Left behind in the aftermath is a deal still going for a 17.3-inch HP laptop, which is a pretty good laptop to consider if you’d like one with a larger screen than you’ll find in most laptops. It’s seeing a Black Friday discount of $250, which brings its price down from $500 to just $250. This makes it some good competition for many of the best budget laptops, but you’ll need to act quickly, as this deal ends at tonight. Free shipping and an extended return window are included.

Why you should buy the 17.3-inch HP Laptop 17z-cp200

HP makes a huge range of laptop models to suit various needs, and this regularly places it among the best laptop brands. This 17.3-inch HP laptop is on the entry-level end of the spectrum, providing basic specs for getting your work or studies done throughout the day. It has a dual-core AMD Athlon Gold processor and AMD Radeon Graphics. While these, too, land in the range of entry-level, this laptop can still get things done. It also checks in with 8GB of RAM and a blazing fast 128GB solid state drive. It also comes with Windows 11 preinstalled to ensure you’re up and running in no time after breaking this laptop out of the box.

So what kind of use does an entry-level laptop get you? This laptop can certainly handle everyday tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets, email, and browsing the web. WiFi connectivity is part of the package, so you can take this laptop with you to the coffee shop to do your work. It also offers a lot when it comes to comfort, as it has a lift-hinge design that makes typing more ergonomic, as well as an enlarged clicked. Additionally, the 17.3-inch screen is larger than you’ll find on most laptops. It makes this HP laptop a good way to check in for some binging with all of your favorite streaming services.

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The 17.3-inch HP laptop 17z-cp200 is going for half its regular price for Black Friday. This is just $250 — and a $250 savings from its regular price of $500 — but you’ll need to act quickly to claim this deal, as it ends tonight.

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