The HP Victus 15 gaming laptop against a white backdrop.

If you want a laptop that can handle some gaming, look good and not cost too much, you need the HP Victus 15.6-inch gaming laptop on sale at Best Buy. One of the more affordable gaming laptop deals around at the moment, it’s currently $280 off. Usually priced at $800, you’re paying $520 if you buy today, so it’s a pretty sweet discount. We’re here to tell you more about it before you consider tapping the buy button.

Why you should buy the HP Victus 15.6-inch gaming laptop

At this price, the HP Victus 15.6-inch model in question won’t rival the best gaming laptops. This isn’t a system for playing games at ultra-high levels of detail but it is one that makes PC gaming more accessible and affordable than usual. You get an AMD Ryzen 5 7535HS processor, along with 8GB of memory and 512GB of SSD storage. For gaming, there’s an Nvidia GeForce RFTX 2050 graphics card. Sure, it’s a couple of generations old now but it’s reasonably potent if you temper your expectations or play slightly older games.

Helping that graphics card is the 15.6-inch full HD screen which has a 144Hz refresh rate to help you play games silky smooth without the risk of motion blur. There’s also a cool backlit keyboard with an integrated numeric pad which adds to the gamer aesthetic and gives you more functionality too.

HP is one of the best laptop brands out there, so it has added some of its more general useful features here. That means fast charge support so you can get from 0% to 50% charge in about 30 minutes. Also, there’s an enlarged touchpad for ease of use. For taking video calls, an HP Wide Vision HD camera offers an 88-degree, wide-angle field of view along with crystal clear detail for the price. Such features mean the HP Victus 15.6-inch is useful for work as well as fun.

Usually priced at $800, the HP Victus 15.6-inch gaming laptop has seen a huge $280 price cut bringing it down to $520. Instantly more affordable, it’s ideal if you want to enjoy some portable gaming without spending a lot.

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