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One of the best gaming PC deals today is on the HP Omen 25L when you buy direct from HP. Normally priced at $1,750, it’s currently available for $1,230 meaning you save a huge $520 off the usual price. The ideal time to treat yourself to a new gaming desktop, this deal is strictly for the holidays so don’t count on it sticking around for long. Here’s a look at why you need it in your life, or you can simply hit the buy button below.

Why you should buy the HP Omen 25L

HP frequently makes some of the best gaming desktops around so it’s worth paying attention to the HP Omen 25L. For the price, you get the latest 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor along with 16GB of memory so it’s well-designed for multitasking and extensive processing. It also has 512GB of SSD storage for software you need to run at speed, along with 1TB of regular hard drive space for all your file storage needs.

The highlight of any gaming PC is its graphics card and the HP Omen 25L offers up an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 so it’s capable of playing the latest games without a hitch. Designed with cooling in mind, the HP Omen 25L also provides you with toolless access so any time you want to upgrade components, it’s fairly easy to do. That’s without you missing out on neat features like full RGB controls and the Omen Gaming Hub that allows for intelligent overclocking. There’s also a glass side panel so you can easily see the components and gaze at the wonders inside. Designed to be sleek yet highly competent, the HP Omen 25L will look good at your side. It’s an ideal setup for streamers or those that just like style and good performance in this price range.

Normally priced at $1,750, the HP Omen 25L is down to $1,230 for a limited time as part of HP’s holiday sales. A saving of $520, this is an excellent time to get the most for your money. Buy it now before you miss out as we can’t see this deal sticking around for much longer.

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