Thanks to several 3D concept renders, we now know what the future self-driving Apple Car might look like.

Vanarama, a British car-leasing company, took inspiration from other Apple products, as well as Apple patents, in order to accurately picture the rumored Apple car.

A render that shows what the Apple Car might look like.
Image source: MacRumors

Although Apple has revealed very little about the self-driving car it is allegedly working on, Vanarama claims to have based the renders on patents filed by Apple itself. The design of the car takes after current Apple products, such as iPhones and MacBooks, and incorporates their current style into the coupe SUV model pictured above. Aside from the images, Vanarama has shared a fully interactive 3D concept render that lets the user explore both the exterior and the interior of the car.

The design places a lot of emphasis on the comfort of use and is much different from the cars we see every day, although it’s not too different from Elon Musk’s Tesla. It especially resembles the Tesla Cybertruck, but with a sleeker design without the sharp edges of the Tesla. The interior of the car includes several parts inspired by Apple products, such as the door handles that resemble iPhone buttons.

Vanarama’s render showcases a pillarless design that makes the car easier to get in and out of when both sets of doors are open. The seats are fully rotatable, which allows for the front seats to be turned to face the back seat. The inclusion of coach doors comes from another Apple patent. The car offers ample space for passenger movement when boarding and for loading larger items into the vehicle.

The interior of the rumored Apple Car.
Image source: MacRumors

Apple had also filed a patent for an intelligent automated assistant for the car, and thus, Vanarama included Siri. The assistant is built into the steering column alongside the customizable dashboard and navigation screen.

The renders were first shared by MacRumors. Such a spacious design that promotes freedom and comfort is definitely plausible for the Apple car, as the company seems to have settled on the self-driving technology and might even remove both the steering wheel and the pedals.

The car would rely on hands-off driving and would likely include an iPad for the users to interact with. However, Apple is reportedly still considering adding a steering wheel that would allow the passengers to take over the car in the case of emergencies.

It’s hard to tell whether Vanarama’s design is close to what Apple is planning, but it’s certainly inspired by real Apple patents. According to Bloomberg, Apple may be considering a design that resembles the Lifestyle Vehicle from Canoo, where passengers sit along the sides of the car, facing each other.

Although an exciting prospect, the Apple Car is still a long way from being confirmed or released. The current goal is for the car to be launched sometime in 2025, but at this point in development, delays are very possible.

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